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What would be my options?

if u wanted to go into nursing but you wanted to specialize in a certain field in nursing like.... anesthetics, etc... does anyone know what my options would be in the nursing field, or is a nurse just a nurse and he/she can not specialize in anything...

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    Nurses have their area of expertise. There are pediatric nurses, oncology nurses, psychiatric nurses, neuro nurses, cardiac nurses, ER nurses, ICU nurses, neonatal nurse, OB nurses, etc. We all go through the same format of nursing school, though, and are not trained for any one particular area specifically while in school, in terms of curriculum. There is no specific designation or credential to say you are one vs the other, but your line of training sets up your specialty. All of these types of nurses are RNs, and some have bachelors degrees, and some don't. Most nursing schools have what's called "role transition" or some similar title where in the last bit of school, they spend several weeks to months in an area they think they may want to practice. For example, in school, everyone usually does pediatrics, OB, med/surg, psychiatric, and maybe community nursing or geriatrics during school. This way, you are fairly well rounded. Say at the end, you think you may want to be an OB nurse, so then you do your role transition in OB to get more experience. Most of your specialized training comes after school when you start your job. There are also advanced practice nurses who fall under titles like Clinical Nurse Specialist, Nurse Practioner, Critical Care nurse practitioner, nurse midwife, and Nurse Anesthetist. These nurses go to graduate school and earn masters degress to practice in these areas. For example, I went to nursing school and knew I wanted to be a nurse anesthetist. To get into a graduate program for nurse anesthesia, you need a bachelors degree in nursing and at least 2 years of critical care nursing (er, icu, cath lab, etc). So I got hired as a nurse in a Surgical/Trauma ICU right after graduation and worked there for a few years to gain experience and learn about critical care and surgical patients, and then applied to school. I started my nurse anesthesia graduate program this fall, and I'll be done 2 years from now. I'll have my masters of science in nursing, and then sit for my board to become a certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA). So yes, you can "specialize" in an area, and you would be very surprised to see how far-reaching the realm of nursing is. There are countless opportunities!

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    there are different types of nurses some are pediatric or what ever yes you can specialize in what you want and get you B.S.N. in what you want there are always openings in the health field would be a good career for you. we are in short demand of nurses. good luck

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    You could earn more being a specialist, like an ER (emergency room) nurse, etc.

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