do i need a network card on my 1st computer?

I have a Belkin wireless router and cable internet. The 1st computer is connected directly to the modem. I installed a network card on the 2nd pc not on the 1st. Both computers are able to connect to the internet but i do not know how to set up file sharing. do i need a network card on the 1st pc? what do i need to do?

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    It's probably worth putting a network card on the first computer and connecting it to the router. Network cards are very cheap.

    As to how to turn on file sharing, usually there is a global preference to turn on the possibility of sharing, and then you can select which individual files you want to share. I can't be more specific because you didn't specify what operating system you're using.

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    The recommended way you do this is that each PC will have a network card in it.

    The cable service comes in and plugs in to the cable modem. The cable modem has a network cable that comes out and plugs in to the Belkin router. The router is usually also a "switch", which is a special device that lets more than one device share access to the network.

    You probably have four ports on the Belkin which allows you to hook up to four PCs to the Internet and be networked together at the same time. You would plug the network card from each PC to the Belkin.

    Odd question though: If your first PC does NOT have a network card, how is it able to reach the Internet? I would think that without a network card, you would have to be using a modem dial-up on that PC to get connected.

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    no you don't need a network card..

    because both of your PCs connected to each other through the modem 1st across wireless and 2nd across the cable..

    you have to do the next:

    1- make sure your PCs have the same network group (my computer>properties>computer name).

    2-go to my network places and choose show all connection from the right menu then right click on your connection to the modem>properties>make sure that is file and printer sharing is checked.

    you might check there for the internet protocol tcp/ip properties and make sure that first option is checked (get ip automatically).

    good luck.

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    You need to connect your wireless router to the first computer and the modem. And all you do is, if your on windows xp, is go to start->connect to->show all connections and once you get to that menu on the left it should say create a small office or home network connection. Go through all that and you set up.

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    your 1st computer already has a network card installed. that's where the modem is connected. what you need to do is go into windows help, if that is the operating system you have, and it will explain how to network 2 computers.

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