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what is the law concerning the transportation of minors in vans for church functions in sc?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    This question is a bit difficult to attempt to answer, since you don't really say what legal issue you are concerned about. Transporting minors in vans for church functions is, on its face, a lawful activity. I can, however, see a few POTENTIAL legal issues:

    1. Get the parents' permission - preferably in writing. SC Code § 16-3-910.

    2. Make sure the person driving the van is not a registered sex offender SC Code § 20-7-2725.

    3. If the vehicle being used to transport the minors is designed to carry 16 or more passengers (including the driver), the driver must have a Commercial Drivers' Licence with a P endorsement. SC Code § 56-1-2005 et seq. (Note that it is not nessary for the the driver to have an S (School Bus) endorcment unless the "church function" also happens to be a "school fuction" (i.e. parochial school).)

    4. Remember that if the child's parents are not there, the adult into whose care the children have been entrusted are respondible for the child.

    Hope this helps.

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