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beautiful woman, please help me....?

a girl and i were becoming friends, we sorta liked each other, but are both with other people. (she chose to be with someone bc she knows him better and i'm moving away and i chose to work things out with my ex) we both write poems and i use to write some poems for her, which she liked. i sent her some poems last saturday, and said "most of these aren't about you, yay for recovery." since then i haven't heard from her. do you think she is pissed at me?? i still like her a lot, but i was pissed off that she didn't come to say good bye to me before i moved away.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You Defiantly hurt her feelings, It's always hard to know that the other one has moved on when you haven't, I'm sure shes still in love with you, and you saying that broke her heart, i know this from experience, she thinks the best way to get over you is to cut off all communication with you, so don't take it personal, shes doing it for her own good...

    Now if you haven't gotten over her and really want to try to work something out with her, i tell you the best advice is to talk, clear up all miss understandings, because usually these things happen because of miss understandings, and saying things you don't mean but thinking that's what the other person wants to hear, and the worst thing you can do is assume you know what the other person wants to hear.

    So I advise u to ether fight for her OR let her go and let her move on, and you do so as well...

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