romania.. should i go there?

i wanna go there.. can u tell me some place to visit? should i don't go there?

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  • paris
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    1 decade ago
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    You MUST go and you'll see the most beautiful places all over the world. And don't forget that Romania has 2000 years of history, culture and education. Go and we'll talk later!

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    Oh my God! Romanians are sick of it! Sick of all this stupidities who are associated whit image of Romania.

    You know what? There is a radio station in Bucharest, Radio Guerrilla whit the following motto: THANK YOU BECAUSE YOU DON'T LISTENING US! And you know why? Because the people from Bucharest (like all romanians, in extenso) are sick of rude people whitout educations, who speak a poor romanian language, with a lot of money and without civility, with fancy cars and without know who is JFK and so on.

    So they are satisfied to have a decent radio stations with good music and nice evening and morning shows.

    Romania is like Radio Guerrila from Bucharest. Sick of that false image!

    Go everywhere you want in Romania: Maramures (Ieud, SIghet, Sapintza - in north), Sighisoara, Brasov, Cluj, Sibiu (North-west), Timisoara (west), Iasi (North-est), Bucharest (south) and you'll find people like everywhere, maybe better than the others, or not. And a big part of them speak french. Voila!

    Ugly or beautiful, poor or rich, well educated or not, but they are human, with hearts, eyes, hands, with happy moments or bad moments, who know how to live their lives, or not, like any german, or a finish, or an american... C'mon!

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    If I were you,I am not sure if I would go there. Not because of Gypsies but because of people´s character. In the past it was dangerous to go through Romania. Nowadays it is gonna be part of EU, so it should be safe. But be careful there!

  • 1 decade ago

    yes you should visit the country, see Bucharest - it's different from what you would expect, it used to be called "the little Paris" - they must have had a reason, right? besides it has beautifull mountains, and people are friendly, thats no concerne, the gipsyes would be the only problem

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  • 1 decade ago

    I wouldn't go. There is turmiol there and well you could find yourself getting stuck there

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