Sorry for the dumb question, but what exactly is Spam?

I have no idea what Spam is. All I know is that it's some kind of meat bunched up in a can, but I've heard some pretty nasty things about it. Thanks. :)

Oh, and please, no stupid answers.

I know it's a stupid question, but I'm serious.

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    Its salted pork shoulder that has been ground up finely and molded into the shape in that can. Its alot like bologna but with different seasonings. Its really good fried and on a sandwich.

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    Spam, from the Hormel company, is spiced Ham (Sp-am). THere is nothing particularly nasty in it, just processed food like bologna or franks. It just looks nasty when you get it out of the can because it has this gel (like on cold turkey) and people say that's gross. It is pretty tasty grilled or even as a cold cut. I microwave it and put it on toast with cheese. It's not top of the line, but there's worse.

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    Spam is a versatile meat that comes in a can, and is not unhealthy for you.I have ate it several ways,fried,in sandwiches--omeletes--burritos-- camping out.It is a mixture of pork and beef.They use cheaper cuts of meats to mix in there.The flavor is kind of salty, so you want to add to it before you eat,like mayo,mustard,or miracle whip.Just try it if you have an open mind and like to experiment........

  • Kitty
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    It is a canned pork product. Basically bits and pieces of pork and ham compressed into the familiar shape of the spam can. YUK !! Even if you like pork or ham, you may not actually like Spam.

    I thinks its absolutely awful and salty !! *cough*hack*

    Visit a spam factory and it will cure you of eating it!!

    People's fascination with it will always puzzle me.

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    Spam is a song by the band Save Ferris. It's a pretty funny song.

  • dph
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    SPAM Classic is a conveniently packaged canned meat product made of 100 percent pure pork and ham

  • ec1177
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    They like you to think its spiced ham BUT I don't think anyone really knows because it changes all the time depending whats swept up at the meat packing plant that day. Mostly lips and a**holes.

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    It seems like artifical meat. Kind of like Bolonga. I actually like Spam. It is not bad if you grill it up.

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    No one knows....really, no one knows..... Canned "meat".

    Dont beleive that spiced ham stuff.... Its really beaks and claws from pork products...

  • Anonymous
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    It's NOT ham. It's made from hoofs, intestines, tongues, eyeballs, cartilidge and ears. Enjoy!

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