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Can you give me outfits for these occasions?

1. Movies

2. Date

3. School

4. Airplane

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    MOVIES:a nice comfy top with jeans

    DATE:Interesting.........i have never been on a date but short skirts & tops bring out the best in choice would be a black salsa skirt with a white top or a minidress would look gorgeous too

    SCHOOL:JUST ANYTHING CASUAL!make sure they look cool on u & they r the colours that blend with u would be appropriate.

    AIRPLANE:airplane????Well.....anything casual,cool & comfy!!!!

    I am sure u'll look striking in all the above!!!!!

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    Movie: jeans and a ribbed turtleneck sweater and cool boots.

    Date: a wrap dress with heels or knee high boots, depending on where you're going. Maybe a cardigan sweater too.

    School: jeans or khakis - I'd wear anything to school, really.

    Airplane: biggest concern is to be comfy and have shoes that you can get in and out of easily at security. I generally wear a pair of yoga pants and a hoodie with a pair of slip on sneakers or flip flops in the summer.

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    Movies: A violet Cropped v-neck baby doll top with a white pearl necklace that is long enough to go to your chest. Math with a pair of khakis Bermudas and black stilettos.

    Date: The above will also work with the date.

    School: A Holister Polo with white pearls as mentioned before and a Cami that matches the eagle on the polo. A jean mini skirt. And a pair of black converses.

    Air plane: Sorry to say, but I don't care where I'm going, but I wear an American Eagle T-Shirt and a pair of American Eagle sweatpants with flip-flops. Flip flops make it easy going through security. Bring socks wear on the plane so your feet don't get cold, and make it possible to take your shoes off and get comfy!!!

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    Just be comfortable casual for the movies, a date make it a little sexy depends on how much you like the guy.

    School cute and make it hot where eyes and heads turn when you make an entrance.The airplane a cute sweat suit.

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  • 1. tee shirt, jeans, sneakers. not nasty and ratty but not too flashy

    2. nice jeans, nice top (long sleeve or no sleeve, no tshirt material, and nice shoes not sneakers

    3. tshirt (well fitting tho), jeans, sneakers. at school you can dress kind of sloppy but be sure to emphasize some body part to keep the boys on their toes

    4. airplane? you want and airplane outfit? unless you want to join the mile high club, try sweats.

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    moves: cute jeans/ nice top and heels and this is depending on who you are going with

    Date: depending on where you are going and with who, you could wear jeans and dress it up with pumps and a nice shirt or black pants with pumps and a nice shirt

    School: anything you want to wear.

    Airplane: something very comfortable

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