Is this girl playing games with me?

I have been going out on dates with this girl for 6 months now. We got serious about 4 months ago. The sex topic came up and she said she wasnt ready. I really liked this girl so I was willing to just hangout. and I thought maybe this is a friendship not a dating situation. but she gives the vibe of being more than friends but all she is willing to do is phone sex(mind you we live in the same city). When I brought it up recently she says "she is just stingy with it". wtf is thats suppose to mean. she acts shadey when it coem to the subject and my intuition is picking up some secrecy. I bring it up all the time but she says I just paranoid. I am losing interest fast and just talkign to her annoys me now. But I care for her alot. Any advice on what to do in this situation?

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    well....have a talk and tell her how you really feel.....find out what is on her she a virgin? is she waiting for marriage? find out and go from there...good luck

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    I'd let her know how you felt. She may be playing games with you because that's just the kind of person she is, but until you know for sure you're going to be tormenting yourself more than she is.

    I doubt she's doing this to mess with you in a bad way, it's probably just her own personal game and she's not even taking your feelings into consideration. I've dated girls who flirt with every guy in the room (not for long obviously) and they say it's just they way the are. She might like you, or she might just like feeling the way she feels knowing some guy (not just you) gets all worked up over her.

    You should tell her your more serious than this, you don't want to be "just phone *** friends" and see what happens. If she's cool with you then you'll get what you want (maybe in the long run) but if she's not into the idea then at least you know and will stop wasting more time and energy on a girl that's not willing to give back what you give out.

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    I would say be patient. Maybe she has been through something that you don't know about like rape or molestation. Sadly, so many woman have been abused. I have always been told to hold out on the sex thing because guys began to lose interest after sex unless the relationship is solid. Guys are naturally hunters and they like a great chase. Once the prey is caught and they have there way, they are on to the next. She is probably doing the phone sex thing to pacify you. If you can't wait, don't lead her on, break it off and get with someone that has the same thing on their mind as you. Be careful & Good Luck!!!

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    Are you sure she is not a virgin? Maybe thats why she is being so secretive. Some people don't like to bring up the fact that they are a virgin in this day and age. You should really ask yourself why you lose interest in her because of sex if everything else is good.

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    Sounds like the two of you need to sit down and do some serious talking. What is she looking for out of your relationship? How does she feel about you? Is she a virgin? Does she have a hangup about sex or is she just doesn't want sex with YOU? And why do you still want to see her if she 'annoys' you? You guys don't have good communication...and that is the basis for any good relationship. Good luck..

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    She was probably hurt in the past and wants to be sure she doesn't make the same mistake twice and give it away to the wrong person. Appreciate that she isn't a hoe and giving it up to every guy that gives her a compliment or takes her on a date. I am sure she will do it when she is ready, if you feel she is worth it then it shouldn't be a problem.

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    If she said she is stingy with it then YES she is playing games. If she had said something like........I just want to wait or I really do like you could at least think there was something more going on. I would suggest Rule 2 from the Players handbook, find another skirt to stir up the pot and see if she jumps. Good Luck Playboy

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    She may have issues with herself or she may think after sex you may leave. Some females save it until the are ready for that step. She may like and care for you alot as well and she doesnt want to regret doing the dew with you. If she really annoys you and you dont want to wait anymore. Remember you dont have to you can leave if you want to.

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    It's difficult but maybe she is not ready.... people assume now days that you ready from about 12 but this is not the case. Don't be pushy with her however on the other hand she may be playing games if she thinks you are interested.......

    "TALK to HER"

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    Try talking to her openly and tell her that u deserve her honesty and bot to give u any bs.

    have a heart to heart and if she still acts that way its time to move on. she sounds like she has deep issues about sex, try to be supportive as a friend that a demanding boyfriend.

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    I suggest you cut her loose. It sounds like she's playing games - girls like to make guys dance when they have something they know you want. Take a break, and see what happens. Let her make the next move.

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