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Problems with DVI VGA HDMI resolutions?

Hello Guys

Would just like to wish you all a happy christmass (bit late) i will get in early with the next one .... Hope you all have a fantastic new year!

I have just brought a lovely HD 32" Tv in the sales, the primary use was to use it as a PC Monitor. Ive connected the TV to my PC via VGA to VGA, unfortunatly the resolution is not good at all, and when i try to increase it, it is too large of the actual size of the tv. On the Tv it has the maximum resolution, and im not even close to it. Ive basically got a glorified 800x600 15 inch monitor on steriods!!!! My graphics card is a high end graphics card, its 512mb ram and has a dvi output. I was wondering if anyone knows if i plug the pc into the TV using DVI (pc) -> HDMI (TV) if it would make any difference?ive heard that DVI is more powerful than VGA and was designed for LCD and Plasma screens, and obviously the HDMI port on the tv will be better than a VGA port - or am i completely wrong?

Any Help would be greatly Apriciated

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