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My dog has a bad!?

my dog has a bad rash, and it is scary because her skin is turning dark and blackish in that area. Human lotions can be very irriating to dogs, and my dog doesn't have an appointment with her vet until next week, which was as soon as we could get an appointment.

She won't stop scratching! You cant tell her to stop, obviously. IS there anything that I could do for the time being that might help her to be less itchy?


WAIT! GREAT NEWS! another dog couldn't get in at the vet's so my dog can get in tomorrow morning! IS there just anything I can give her for today?

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    Cortisone spray from the petstore or sulfadene

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    You could give a health dog regular Benidryl. A 40 lbs. dog could take one regular strength pill every twelve hours. This is only going to calm the itching and make your dog sleepy but it will NOT get rid of the problem. You really should get the dog to the doctor ASAP. Skin that is turning black sounds like the infection has stopped blood to the area, kind of like the skin is dead. Try to get your dog to stop scratching its self, put something over it or call the doctor to buy one of those cone collars to prevent the dog from licking or scratching to buy you some time before you get to the doctor tomorrow. Good Luck!

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    If your vet can't get you an appointment until next week, I'd find another vet. Your dog needs to be seen by a vet.

    If you can't find another regular vet, call an emergency vet and take your dog there.

    In the meantime, call your vet and ask what you can do to alleviate the symptoms until your dog can be seen.

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    I don't care -when- you have an appointment. if her skin is turning BLACK that's a SEVERE infection,not a rash. Waiting could kill this dog. Call your vet back and tell them this.

    If they refuse you,find a new vet. Call every single one in the area. This dog needs help NOW.

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    take it to the vet or give it a flea powder other wise stay away from it

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    take her to another vet b4 she passes on u

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