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costs of ads, for school project?

Hello all.. i'm doing an assignment in marketing (GR 10) which includes getting a general idea of how much ads run at. I called my local newspaper office but they'r on holiday break until the new year, but i need the info ASAP. My dad said it's something like $80,000 for a half page, full colour ad in the paper each day for an entire month.. sounds a bit unrealistic, what do u guys think?

Also, I sent a local TV station an email and they emailed me back saying the "avg price for a new restaurant" ad would be around 2000$ for 6 weeks.. is it 2000 per week or 2000 for the entire six weeks? kinda confusing.. thanks for any help!

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    1 decade ago
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    The cost of ads vary greatly depending on the publication and frequency. They are all over the board and can range from a couple hundred to several thousand...

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  • 1 decade ago

    Ok...there are several options but I'm going to just try and give you basics for newspaper advertising

    If you are a new advertiser that is looking for a one time ad buy every newspaper is going to quote you what's called an "Open Rate." It's the standard per column inch rate without any discounts for multiple ads or special promotions.

    The General Advertising Rate for ONE DAY in a Daily (Mon-Sat) run in the Chicago Tribune is $755 per column inch. The Tribune is 6 columns wide and 21 inches deep. If you multiple the 6 columns with the 21 inches it equals 126 column inches. If you then multiply that by the cost of $755 per each column inch you are going to pay $95,130 for a full page advertisement in the Chicago Tribune. Why so high? The subscriber circulation alone is almost 700,000!

    Want to run on a Sunday when the circulation is doubled? It will cost you $143,010 for ONE DAY. Want the ad in color? Add an additional $8,060 in a daily paper and $10,720 in the Sunday. Why so high? The subscriber circulation alone on a Sunday is over 1 million!

    Of course if you were a real advertiser looking for quotes I would tell you to NEVER accept the General Open Rate...newspapers will alway go lower on this price but it is the starting point for negotiations.

    Smaller newspapers are of course going to have a smaller circulation and therfor their per column inch rate is going to be lower...For example the Morning Sentinel out of Centralia Illinois has a circulation of 14,823 and has a daily per column inch open rate of $7.15 per inch. A Sunday is $9.77 per inch. Add $240 for a Full Color ad. The size of the paper is 8 columns wide by 21.5 inches deep which is 172 column inches. Multiply that by the $7.15 and it's $1229.80 for a black and white daily full page and a black and white full page on Sunday is $1780.44.

    Big difference in price and circulation obviously.

    Both TV and Radio advertising is based on time slots...if they say it's a six week run then they have six weeks to fit in however many spots the advertiser can get for $2000. The prices for a prime time slot is more expensive than a 2 oclock in the morning slot. A 7am traffic spot is more expensive than a 3pm random slot. They give you a variety and what you end up with over the six week period is what you get.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    If you need to get real numbers, try looking up the pertinent publications online. Many of them post their rates on their website.

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