How to do you get surround sound hitched up to your DVD player to work?

The surround sound is already working for the tv, but we can't get it to work for the dvd player which is a Panasonic.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You need to transfer the digital audio from the DVD player to your surround sound receiver. Depending on your DVD player, this is done either with a fibre optic line or a digital coaxial cable.

    Most of the Panasonic players have both types of outputs.

    The surround receiver will have an input labelled "Digital In" for this.

    The audio coming from your TV is analog.

  • output from the dvd player is both audio and video. usually 3 cables. 1-video. 2-audio. if you connected the dvd to the av receiver, check that you've set the input on the receiver to the input that the dvd player is connected to. hope this helps.

  • 1 decade ago

    You can connect the dvd player to one of your tv's inputs. Your tv is already connected properly to the ss system, so once you connect the dvd player to the tv, the sound will be output to the ss system.

    Source(s): This is how my system is connected... I have hd/dvr box & a DVD player connected to hdmi inputs on my tv & a tv a/v output to my surr sound..
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