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my son got laptop for xmas,want to connect to internet?

we got back from pc world 1hour ago they said we dont need any additional software,i am not very good at computers,my husband delt with all that,single now so need help!!we have wireless bt broadbandits a router,its getting frustrating now because he wants to use it .please help!!

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    order it through a cable company or such. therefore you can eliminate the headache of someone talking you through it step-by-step, the person that sets up the internet should come over and set it up. Make sure they do just tell them you want to make sure the internet is working before they leave. They will hook it up for free and then your good to go!

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    Click on Start... Control Panel.... Network and Internet Connections... Setup or change internet connection. This should guide you to a wireless connection.

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    if u have a desktop u can connect laptop to usb port it will recognize one as connection one the other as connection two u can't however use both at the same time unless u create a network for them....and connect them to different phone lines in your home for your dsl connectiion

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    Get a wireless network card in your laptop.

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