What are some methods for eating as much as you can at a buffet?

I am going today and i want to know what are some eating methods that will allow me to eat as much as i can without getting too ful too fast

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    how much weight are you wanting to gain? Go back into the bathroom and throw up every 15 minutes.....that will make room in your tummy!

  • SteveN
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    1 decade ago

    Eat smaller portions. Don't gobble it all down and then rush back for more. Take your time. This will allow you to eat more food over a longer period of time without feeling full or bloated.

    You also should not try to overeat just because it is an all-you-can-eat buffet. It may be free, but the quantity of food you eat should not be a deciding factor...You want the quality of the food to be there too.

    I can eat a plateful of mashed potatoes or french fries, but it does not mean that it was enjoyable. If you mix up the foods at the buffet and "try" a little bit of everything, going back for seconds or thirds as desired, you will likely enjoy the meal more and won't be sitting back with the Pepto Bismol later that night.

  • Issym
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    1 decade ago

    Slow and steady, eating fast will make you sick. Prior to going eat lightly but do not starve yourself, if you do not eat all day then go to a buffet to eat all you can, all you will do is fill up faster on a little bit of food. Your stomach can only expand so much. As you take your time to eat your stomach will digest food's that are in the stomach already. Take breaks. Do not drink a lot of liquids.

    Good luck pigging out :)

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    Everyone has added great ideas so far.

    One thing to add, for some reason lemonade and tea make me hungrier, so stick to that. It is also what proffesional eaters choose to drink in competition.

    more suggestions. sample the buffet for the first round and then go back and get what you like. this should take about 20 minutes. at which time you body might tell you that you are full. use the bathroom and come back. now go for the expensive food, crabs shrimp and seafood. because it won't make you feel full and its good and you can keep eating. after that go back for you top choices and enjoy.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Eat a snack about 2 hours before to "stretch" your stomach. If you go when you're starving, you'll get full faster. Don't eat the stuff that filsl you up like rice, noodles or bread. If you're going to have a drink, stick to wine instead of beer which makes you feel full. Don't drink too much liquid. Stick the high end items like shrimp, crab, oysters, duck, etc. Enjoy!

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    Eat fast, chew fast. Don't drink soda or carbonated drinks.

    The slower you eat, the less you can eat because your stomach has time to register to your brain that it's full.

    Don't starve yourself that day, your stomach will shrink. Eat a light breakfast and maybe skip or eat a light lunch. Gotta be hungry but not starving.

    Go for the expensive stuff. Minimize the bread, soup, and salad.

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    No carbonated beverages is key! Bubbles fill you quickly. Also, I like to hit the expensive stuff pretty hard. Seafood is good for this Lobster, Crab, Shrimp and Oysters are typically more expensive than the other meats you may find. And, if you pace yourself, you can really pack that stuff away. In the same vein, avoid random white fish, its usually thawed from frozen and cheap. Let's face it, buffets can be like combat. You never want to hit your enemy in the chest when you can kick him in the nuts!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Stay for four hours. Go to the bathroom at least 5 times. Don't drink too much liquid. Don't eat bread or potatoes. Eat mostly meat.

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    Take salad to start with. Avoid too much meat as meat digestion progress in the stomach is slower. Do not drink too much water which include drinks like coffee and tea in between meals. Rest in between eating and visit the toilet to release.

    Continue your meal after a short break.

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    Think of the buffet as an ho rs douevre table, not a pig trough. Take a little upon each visit, take your time, and avoid heavy carbs like spaghetti and bread. Go for the good, expensive stuff.

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    Don't drink a lot, if you decide to eat salad bar first eat a small portion.Dont eat a lot of starchy things. Go for the meat, seafood, and vegetables.

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