What can i do about this situation with my turkish gf ? Please help.?

We only know eachother online but planned to meet soon. i got a virus and bad emails to my family from her yahoo id, so i cursed her out, and exposed her phone number in a chatroom. I didnt know that someone hacked her and sent all that stuff to me through her email, so it really wasnt her who had done it. Now she wont speak to me, and she said she'll forgive me some day, but i noticed she always ignores me and doesnt speak to me, she hangs out in chatrooms and barely answers me. We had plans to meet, and ive seen her on her cam. So, what can i do ? I tried so hard to say sorry and do things to make it up. What im doing isnt even worth it, because its been months and im tired of all of it. I like her and all, but i cant keep this up much longer. please give me some advice on what to do ? Thanks.

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