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Who makes good-quality, conservative but stylish, maternity clothes, & will ship to Canada?

Outside of 'A Pea in the Pod,' what I'm finding is polyester junk, and some surprisingly trampy stuff.

It's starting to look like there's some sort of conspiracy to keep the knocked-up out of linen. And some of the cleavage-baring spandex makes me nostalgic for jumpers with Peter Pan collars...

I'm not 17, and I don't like artificial fibres. Where on earth do I shop?

(Please don't say 'eBay!' EBayers have the same poly-slut stuff, just with wildly inflated shipping fees if you're in Canada. Ditto 'The Gap!' They don't ship to Canada, and I haven't seen any maternity stuff in their stores here.)


Old Navy = Gap, pretty much. Nope.

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    what about Old, do they ship to canada? they have cute stuff.

    motherhood maternity is my fav maternity store, but i dont know if tehy ship to canada either.

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    Try Mimi's maternity clothes they are styles that are not cheap and high quality line they are the upper high class line of Motherhood .I worked at Bank One during my pregnancies and I found everything from suits to out dining dresses . Check in out , It has been 4 years, but hey if they do.... enjoy!

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    I had to find clothes that were cute but that I could also use at work. Try any of the listed bellow:

    Good Luck!!

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    try looking up thyme maternity. i got all my stuff from there. from classy to work they have it all.

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