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Miscarriage and returning back to work?

I am in the process of starting a miscarriage. I am suppose to return to work this evening (and am the only one on shift) but I don't feel as if I am up to it. Should I call my employer and let them know what is going on or should I just go in and tough it out. I am at this point not bleeding to heavy, just don't even have the energy to get up and do anything. I just found out yesterday that the baby didn't have a heartbeat and that my uterus is filled with blood and it looks as if my body is doing what it's suppose to be doing...Any advice on the work issue would be appericated.

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    Call out sick. You need to take some time off. Let your employer know what is going on and, if necessary, get a written note from your doctor. They will understand and won't hold it against you. Your doctor will let you know how much time he/she thinks you should take off for medical reasons. And think about it, how productive are you really going to be at work? They can find someone to work for you.

    This is a difficult time for anyone to go through, and I'm so sorry that it's happening to you. You are in my prayers.

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    I'd call, and offer details if you have a decent relationship with your employer.

    Apart from the emotional nastiness of it, it's not ridiculous to think what's not too heavy bleeding right now could abruptly get worse. It's also physically taxing even if you're not bleeding heavily.

    And, importantly, telling people can be a bit of a relief. They're so common that just about everybody knows somebody who's had one; the odds of people being understanding are excellent.

    Sorry about your loss, too.

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    I understand that you feel this is a hard decision but it isn't. Call in and explain (or not since it's none of your boss's business) I have had several misscarriages, as the evening goes on you will not only feel the painfull physical effects but emotionally as well. You may still be in shock.

    Of course you know you best. If going to work will help you through this then go. Just remember that your body is going through major trama even if you don't feel like it is. Take it easy! Best of luck. I am very sorry you even have to go throught this.

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    Hi, so sorry for your situation, you have to cancel going to work once your miscarriage gets into full swing it's going to cause alot of pain, plus when the baby passes you will need to be in a bathroom, it will be far easier to deal with if its your own. I don't know how far gone you are but I had the same thing happen to me at a 16 week scan and had my miscarriage in the hospital, it was very painfull.

    Take the night off you will need it.

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    I would tell your employer that you can't work, you are going through something thats not only physical but emotional...your body needs time to heal, they should understand. I took a week off of work just to relax and heal. Call your Dr and see what they say about staying home, but I think you should. Sorry for your loss...

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    I'm really sorry to hear you're going through this. If you don't feel up to it, then you should take the night off. I'm sure your employer would be understanding. It is likely that you'll begin cramping and bleeding more heavily before it's entirely over.

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    in no way concepts the type you experience bodily, honey. you ought to make the attempt to heal emotionally. I miscarried 2 years in the past. It began on a Friday and by employing the Monday I felt greater often than not ok. So I figured i could extremely come back to artwork and not ought to describe it to all and sundry there. vast mistake. bodily i replaced into advantageous yet i replaced into an entire mess emotionally and after 2 weeks my supervisor referred me for counselling and despatched me domicile. i finished up taking six weeks off. it incredibly is an undesirable factor to ensue and human beings comprehend that. The restoration time is diverse for each individual so make the effort you pick and don't pass back before you experience waiting.

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    CALL WORK.tell them that you can't come in and take care of yourself. i applaud your work ethic, however, if there was ever a time to call in, this is it, honey. you need to take care of you right now.

    tell work that you are dealing with a miscarriage and it's a personal thing and you will need the next few days to get through it. every boss in the world should understand this and should tell you to not even think about work and focus on your well-being.

    they may ask for a dr's note, so get one just in case.

    also, i'd only tell your immediate supervisor what is going on. there's no need for everyone to know.

    take care.

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    I'm so sorry about your miscarriage. Take the day off. Your health is more important, your boss can get someone else to work. See how you feel in the morning, no point working if you don't feel up to it.

    Sorry once again

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    Do not go to work. I had a miscarriage and sometimes it is painful and bleeding at times. I would take the day off and see how you feel tomorrow.

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