Christmas Weddings?

My fiance and I are planning a Christmas wedding. Any ideas for colors/favors/anything?

...I've already tried I was just looking for other ideas so please don't refer me to that website.


I really wanted to stay away from red and green...i don't mind red and another color or green and another color just not them together...

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    Silver, gold and white are good seasonal colors. Snowflakes might be another good theme. You could use a clear bowl of colored ornaments (without hooks) as your centerpieces (which would also save on flowers). Now would be a good time to shop for lights, decorations, ribbon, ornaments, etc since everything is 50% off or more at after Christmas sales. You could use a silver or gold pen to write your name/date on the ornaments and use them as favors. I actually red is a beautiful color to use for the holidays, but maybe go for something more elegant like a simple bouquet of red roses for you, and white roses for the bridesmaids in red velvet dresses. You could also work with a deeper red -- such as burgundy. I don't think green is a good wedding color. You could also go for a simple black/white theme. The bridesmaids/groomsmen could wear black and you and the groom could both wear white.

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    1 decade ago has a great section on color selection for different seasons. They suggest other colors of the season, like chic all white, deep navy and silver, or maroons, chocolates and warm colors. Regal purples can also look great paired with silvers in the wintertime. I agree - red and green, too hokey, but to each his own.

    If you really plan on a Christmas wedding, better get booking soon...many halls and reception spots, as well as caterers, get booked the holiday season before, because that time of year is so busy for gatherings.


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    I know you said you don't want to be referred to the Knot, but if you check the talk boards under 'winter weddings', they have a ton of ideas and pics that are not found elsewhere on the site.

    Otherwise, I would use blue, silver, snowflakes. is an excellent resource.

    Most people say they prefer edible favors. Christmas cookies or candy of some kind. You could even burn cds of your favorite Christmas songs and put a favorite seasonal pic on the front.

    Have a hot cocoa bar.

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    I've been looking for a picture I had of a centerpiece that was GORGEOUS & can't locate it. Candles were set on a mirror but this was out of the ordinary. If I do find it, I'll post it.

    As far as colors, icy blue, deep blue, gold, silver, pink.

    Here's a couple ideas.

    Don't think favors are necessary but these are cool

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    Royal Blue is a beautiful color along with silver or burgandy. Keep in mind that there are different shades of burgandy as well. As for favors, you can find christmas bells, fill them with holly berries & potpourri, wrap them in toil/lace tied off with matching colored ribbon from the colors you used in the wedding. You can wrap individual keepsakes of your choice in a variety of wrapping paper. Maybe a memorable photo of the two of you perhaps (1st christmas photo together???)

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    My wedding was at the beginning of December, but we used a Christmas-y theme. Our colors were blue and silver, which are beautiful colors anyway, but you can find so many things using those colors, at that time of year.

    My bouquet was kind of a mix of different white flowers, but we did have white poinsettas at the altar, which were gorgeous.

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    I had a friend who used red and silver and had mini christmas trees as centerpieces and a big christmas tree to put all the gifts under.

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    Have you REALLY thought out a Christmas wedding? That day will blend in with Christmas and in years to won't be THAT special(your anniversary). Ok...that's YOUR choice. But any colors actually would be fine...just like during any other part of the year.

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    Black & white winter weddings are very classy, incorporate candles, and mirror plates or mirrored balls on the tables for decor. You can even try using crystals to decorate centerpieces.

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    What about gold and silver. For "favors" find little bells.

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