New Year: Have ya got idea for a good party??

I haven't got, so please answer soon!!

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    Giving thanks to God.

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    You could have a swanky get together. You know have some wine, champagne, non-alcoholic punch for those who don't like alcohol, and some finger foods. I threw a NYE party a few years back. We bought food trays, I made punch and other drinks and we played some music and a couple of games.

    An idea I was going to do this year, but didn't have enough time was a mob movie marathon. It would be low key and intimate...except for the wacking of lots of people.

    Source(s): The Food Network has some great party ideas! Check it out!
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    The best part is making sure you 'll be free to mix and hang with your people when the party gets going. If you're too absorbed in watching over everything going on (keeping things replenished, tending to a bunch of little necessities), you'll miss being the Hostess With the Mostest. Don't be the maid and janitor. When your guest begin arriving, ease over from the "preparation" mode to the "let's get this party started" mode. Be as one of the guests, staying active in the mingling, pulling people together to meet and laugh with each other.

    One thing to do after you have enough food/snacks/drink, is to draft one or two supportive types to help you keep an eye on things (to maintain the party so police and other surprises don't spoil the fun, or supplies don't run out, or something get ruined in the house). Even if some things don't run smooth, 'pick up your marbles and play another game', as they say; smile and carry on, you are a success for the planning and carrying out of the party as much as it depends upon you.

    If there's a party store near you, you can pick up inexpensive trinkets to leave around for people to play with then take home. Would you want to have magazines appropriate for your guests? Teen, cars, self-defense . . . something to peruse and stimulate conversation, pictures to show others. It could help guests talk over common interests. Remember to get the noisemakers and streamers to shoot off at midnight. Best wishes for an outstanding time.

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    Bloody Marys, Beer and wine. Coffee And. Some easy snacks and lots of football Bowl Games.

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