Is there a market for inexpensive all male clothing store geared for newborns to toddlers?

I am very upset in how there is an overwhelming amount of clothing options for girls in department stores. I like my son to wear a sophisicated, classy, sporty urban look. The only clothes that come close to these looks are at babygap and children's place in pittsburgh, pa. but unfortunately they charge an arm and a leg for baby clothes which only has but so much fabric to it! do yal feel theres a market out there for an all boys clothing store?

I want to be able to buy clothes for my son without having to use coupons or wait for good sales to get the clothing I want and i dont think anybody else with son's should have to either. girls clothes dont cost that much!

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    I think there is definitely a market for that.

    I also think there's a market for an all-gender-neutral baby clothes store. While there is a lot more for girls, it's 90% frilly and girly. And by the way, babies can't crawl in dresses! They fall open and trip the babies! Sorry, I have to rant about that.

    Anyway, for baby clothes, try ebay. I work in a preschool and a lot of the best-dressed babies have parents who shop ebay. The prices are low on ebay, too.

    And Target. Or

    Sears' website has some toddler boys' cargo pants. You'll have to shop carefully there to get the look you want, but it could be done.

    But yeah, if you're looking to start a business, there's a market for not-girly baby clothes!

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    I used to shop at consignment stores a lot when my kids were babies. There tend to be a lot of cute baby and toddler stuff there for much cheaper than the Gap (often you can get second-hand Gap clothing). Also we have a Gap outlet not far from us -- or you could shop online for sales stuff to find more options.

    As far as a business catering to baby boys -- I guess if you were in a big city there might be a market for it. What would your plan be to keep prices down?


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    That is so true. I wish I knew of a store like that. I have two boys and one girl, I can find things for my daughter so easy. Every store has a huge selection for girls. But not so lucky for boys. What I have learned to do is find nice resale shops in my city and dig through them - you find some pieces that are really nice. I find name brand stuff for $1 and $2. Not bad, huh? You just have to dedicate time to it so that you can look for the good stuff.

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    the Gap outlet isn't too expensive and they have all the same clothes, only last years stuff and 'irregulars" but I could never see anything wrong with the clothes. Also we have a store called T.J. Maxx, not too expensive. You could always order online, I'll bet theres some pretty cheap stuff you could find

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