Where is the best place to go in Key West after wedding ceremony?

I am having a small 6 person ceremony on the beach and all we want to do afterwards is go have a nice dinner at a semi-formal but fun restuarant. Can you give me some suggestions?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Most Key West restaurants are the typical tacky tourist spots, but there are a few classy ones mixed in. I would try Nine One Five, located at 915 Duval Street. http://www.915duval.com/

    Another option would be Alice's Key West Restaurant on 1114 Duval Street. http://www.aliceskeywest.com/ Their website says they have a private room available.

  • I don't know any specific restaraunts as I was only in Key West for a day and did only quick meals to save time, but check around Mallory Square. I also seem to remember a nicer place very close to the nun buoy that marks the southernmost point in the US.

    Sorry I couldn't get you specifics, but good luck and congratulations!

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