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i really dont understand my friend he says he cares about me alot and as more then just a friend?

and he says he would like for me to be his girlfriend but he hasent asked me out and he told my friend that the reason was that he wants to get to know me first because he doesnt want to hurt me ive told him about my past relationships and he says he would never like to hurt me like that he tells me the nicest things but then again i feel like he might by lying and i want to find a way to find out the truth


and i really like him and he knows it.......

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    If you like him back, I say just go for it. It could work out and be a great relationship. However, if it doesn't, then you should be able to just go back and be friends, if he truly was your friend.

    But if you don't like him back, just say you want to just be friends for the moment - he should understand if you've told him you've been hurt before. Good luck (:

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  • 1 decade ago

    Take it easy. Enjoy the friendship for now and see what happens.

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