what are some side jobs that i can probably take up during the weekends?

so far, i could think of bartending.

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    Bartending would get you some good money, but a lot of places will be looking for someone with experience (do you have some?). Also, will you be okay with working late hours and giving up going out yourself on the weekends? Serving/waiting tables would be an excellent way to make some good money on the weekends, and I am sure that there would be restaurants looking to hire someone for the weekends (when they are busier). I am assuming that you are a people person since you mentioned bartending, but if you're not a people person don't look for a bartending or waiting/serving job because you'll hate it (and so will your customers and employers).

    If you're not a people person, you might want to see if there's a department store/grocery store that needs help stocking shelves on the weekends (or taking inventory/organizing the warehouse/etc.).

    Whatever you do, good luck

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    Waitress in Restaurants or Hotels.

    If you get a server/waitress job, depending on how much you need and where you work, you can get away with working only two-three days a week.

    When I first started waiting tables in college, I worked at Cracker Barrel, which has really cheap food (I took the job for experience). In four days (inc. weekends), I would make 350-450 per week. My next job was at a casual fine dining place in the 'burbs. I only had to work Saturdays and Sundays to make that money.

    The downside is that you'll have to deal with different people - some will be rude, some will be nice, some don't know how to tip but will run you like crazy, etc.

    If you have patience and you're a people-person, this should work for you.

    Good Luck!

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    If you can Iron many others are willing to pay for someonelse to do it!

    Any Household chores

    Gardening, snow shovelling,

    Jobs do not have to be Glamourus just a money maker, Go to places you think you might like to work and ask them if they have any weekend work available, but make sure you are dressed as if you were going to the interview...first impressions count

  • Sara S
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    bar tending is a good one, youll make good money. Also, serving or waiting tables or retail is always hiring. Makeup counter? shoe store? Tanning salon? The oppurtunities are endless..just keep a lookin :)

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    Paper carrier.

  • 1 decade ago

    depends on what you know how to do. are you talking handyman jobs or going to work for someone?

  • Anonymous
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    and supermarkets

    baby sitter

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