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Please Someone Help Me!!!?

My husband and I are Christians. But for some reasons he thinks that watching movies with loads of nudity or sex in them is okay. He just got over looking at porn 5 months ago. Can anybody tell me your view of this behavior because I am so mad at him right now. This morning he told me that he needed to see nudity every now and then to be happy. I thought I was doing enough as a wife. Whats wrong with him??



He doesnt watch porn anymore but is using sex and nudity in movies in its place.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    being a Christan and a porn addict are two different things. perhaps you need the guidance of your pastor. someone else commented on men liking porn. yes, it's true. but restraint is key. if it upsets you, he should respect that. also good advice is to spice up your love life. sex is okay and good and sanctioned by God.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    I tried emailing you back, but got a msg that said it could not go thru b/c your "email adress has not been confirmed." That's very weird since you emailed me first. Do you have another address I can email you at?



    Sorry to hear about your situation. Might your husband have a sex addiction? It sounds like your husband needs to get into therapy.

    Don't listen to ANYONE who says it's a guy thing, no big deal. It can be very harmful to a man and his marriage. And that sort of thinking makes it even worse. Check out New Life Ministries, which runs a program called Every Man's Battle. See The "goal is to equip each man with the tools necessary to maintain sexual integrity and to enjoy healthy, productive relationships and insight into the nature of sexual temptation and be able to use those tools to battle it."

    Our local Christian radio station broadcast the stories of two women whose husbands had sex addictions and it cost them their marriages. The porn led to prostitution and other affairs. And both men eventually left the home (I think for other women). I tried to find the stories online but could not.

    Like any other addiction, this generally can not be battled on one's own.

    My own husband had a porn addiction and, unfortunately, we are now separated.

    Email me if you'd like.

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  • 1 decade ago


    Honestly, there are alot worse things that he could be doing (one guy mentioned the dog (now there's a pervert); but it could be your own children, the neighbors sons, the babysitter, the lady in the church pew two rows ahead in church.......he's looking at pictures. He isn't touching them (although he may be touching himself...but that's another story). With 10 Commandments in the Bible....he could be breaking alot 9worse and vile and fatal ones than this.

    No one needs to know what goes on inside your four house walls but the two of you. Is there any chance that you could sit down and look at some of the movies and pictures with him? It is not unusual at all for women to notice how beautiful or attractive another woman is.....this time, they are just not wearing a fancy dress over their bodies. Even men, (although it would be like pulling teeth to get them to admit it) like to see another attractive guy either in a magazine, a movie, or walking down the street.

    You don't have to drool over them or go totally masturbate mode....but you can enjoy them for the beauty of the naked body and leave it at that.

    Be glad that he is doing what he is doing at home...and with your knowledge.

    What is consentual among two grown, married adults is not wrong.

    It is your one should tell you how to live it.

    Good Luck!!

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  • 1 decade ago

    coming from a girl you need to bring some spice back into the bedroom.nothing is wrong in being christian and enjoy sex with your husband remember he is your husband.trying calling each other names wearing customes any thing he likes.JUST DONT AGREE TO MAKE A PORN!!!!Look at what is happening to britney.and be glad he is watching porn and not knocking on some other woman's door.

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  • 1 decade ago

    99% of all men will look at porn any chance they can get. I think you are worrying about nothing. as long as he doesn't violate the dog or something like that.

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