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search the internet to find websites that have applications of teh sine or cosine function.?

find at least 3 different sources of information. select one of the applications of teh sine or cosine function. use teh internet to find actual data that can be modeled by a graph that resembeles the sine or cosine function. draw a sine or cosine model fo teh data. write an equation for a sinusidal function that fits your data.

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    good luck!!! .

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    I used it a pair years in the past for a real belongings undertaking I invested in. Environmental regulations prohibited the homes from casting a shadow over some Monarch butterfly nesting factors. We have been given the perspective of the sunlight for the time of the wintry climate solstice, and we knew the top of our proposed homes, the slope of the land, and the area to the wood. making use of basic trig we've been able to tutor the homes did no longer intervene with the buterfly nesting factors and we've been given the undertaking authorized.

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    look for anything that moves in circles. say, elevation (relative to the center) of a specific point on a rotating tire versus time. position of a mass wobbling on a spring. see here for some more uses:

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