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Why doesn't America have national health insurance like Canada and Cuba do?

America is the richest country in the world, but we don't have national health insurance. Our government can afford to drop $ 1 million dollar missles on foreign countries, but people still die of preventable diseases in New York City.

Why don't we have national health insurance for all our citizens and legal residents, like Canada and Cuba do?

[and please spare me the American Medical Association propaganda about how "bad" Canada's health care system is - they can go to the doctor for free - that sounds pretty good to me!]


I already pay very high taxes (I'm a New Yorker) and I'd rather have my taxes pay for diabetes and athsma clinics in my neighborhood than to drop bombs in Baghdad.

Update 2:

James A - don't believe all the AMA propaganda in the New York Times!

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    Because big corporations, in this case the pharmacuetical companies, have powerful lobbyists in Washington DC that have bought and paid for OUR congressional representitives to represent their interests over the general public's. Just another example of how big corporations run the USA...Big oil, drug companies, etc.

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    I have several reasons why I don't support national healthcare in America.

    #1) Our government can't be trusted to pave our roads or build decent schools. If we had national healthcare, it would simply turn into another underfunded program.

    #2) If all the doctors and hospitals were on the government's payroll, it would not be as easy to sue them if they mess up. More and more research comes out every year that medical lawsuits are the biggest reason healthcare is expensive.

    #3) As it stands now, some 70% of healthcare costs in America are already being funded by the government. (IE Medicaid, Medicare, VA, etc.) I personally know people on Medicaid, and trust me, it's not as simple as you think.

    #4) You know the medicines in Canada that Americans are buying and bringing back here? They were produced right here in America to start with. Those companies had to sell that product to Canada at a discounted rate because the Canadian government claims they can't afford full price. (I've worked in the healthcare industry...I've seen this stuff with my own eyes.)

    #5) If a new drug or a particular piece of technology is too expensive, those governments won't pay for it at all. People with certain diseases end up flying to America for the chance to see a specialist or have a surgery.

    Socialised healthcare only works if there is a source of where the medicine comes from. And right now, America is that source, because we have a free market.

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    I currently pay for my health insurance. I don't think that the U.S. should start this very problematic system. First, if you think the budget is in crisis now, it would just get worse. Second, are you prepared to pay MUCH higher taxes so that people can have this flawed luxury? Third, the quality of health care you receive would dramatically drop, meaning more illnesses and death. I wish you people would take a step back and look at the "big picture". Yeah, sounds nice on paper. But, doing this would be a crisis itself.

    I voted on the right.

    I stand by my political party.

    And life is not about "freebies".

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    Get with the program buddy! Cuba has free health care if all you need is an aspirin or a band aid!Try getting ANYTHING else.

    Good Luck!.as for Canada free health care means waiting Six months for an x ray. Don't break your leg there. Recent articles in the New York Times have reported pay as you go health clinics

    opening up in Canada because service is immediate and results are quick,of course the government is trying to shut them down.

    BY the way do you know why the price of gas in Canada is double what it is here? NATIONAL HEALTH CARE!

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    Capitalism is about the good of the individual, not the good of the whole. To all those blaming Bush: It's not Bush's fault, quit blaming him, that's simplistic and ignorant. It is, however, the fault of everyone with a heavily capitalistic and profit driven attitude. Yeah Canada has 40% tax rate. Guess what guys? That's not a heck of a lot higher than it is here. Plus their minimum wage is a lot higher. I, for one, would like to see my tax money spent on helping people in this country rather than hurting people in other countries. But, frankly, unless there is a huge war or some other sort of massive upheval in this country, it's simply never going to happen.

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    Canada also has a 40% tax rate.

    As long as you want the government to take 40% of what you make.

    Stop blaming Bush for this one. No one in Congress has introduced this legislation while Bush has been in Office. The last time it was attempted was by the Clintons, and Congress rejected it.

    I guess the question is do you want the same type of mentality, government bureaucracy that handled Katrina to be in charge of your health?

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    Because if the usa did that, they wouldn't be the richest country in the world. Blue Cross made over 208 Billion on 2003. Don't forget where half that money goes.

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    Congress ahas long been on businesses payroll not to allow this. It is extremely costly, and the ones who can afford pay for the program: the huge trillion dollars expense are big buisinesses and the really rich.

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    Because of Privatization of Health Care and the Govt. leaving it up to the Insurance companies to set the price and standards my man. It is called Greed.

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    because we let the wrong people take care of our business...we can't even balance a budget or come up with a feasible plan to save social security!

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