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How do I export my yahoo address book to outlook express?

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    Yahoo Mail > Address Book > Import/Export > Export > Outlook Express > Export Now button > Done. AND>>>>>>>>>> From Yahoo! to Microsoft Outlook Express

    You can copy a single contact or your entire Yahoo! Address Book to Microsoft Outlook Express.

    To move a single contact (or a few) from Yahoo! to Outlook Express:

    Open your Yahoo! Address Book and…

    Click "Import/Export" in the upper-right corner.

    Under "Export", click "Export Now" next to "vCard, Zip of .vcf files".

    A dialog window opens and gives you the option to save your Yahoo! Address Book to disk as a .zip file. Save this .zip file to your desktop or somewhere else on your computer. It contains each of your contacts as an individual .vcf file.

    Now, open this Yahoo! Address Book .zip file wherever you saved it by double-clicking on it. The open file window displays your contacts listed alphabetically. Each contact is an individual .vcf file.

    Drag the .vcf file(s) you want to add to Outlook onto your desktop. Or, save to another location of your choice. OK – ! So far so good.

    Now, open Outlook Express and…

    Choose "Import and Export" in the File menu.

    Choose "Import a VCARD file (.vcf)" and click "Next".

    In the window that opens, find the .vcf file that you just dragged onto your desktop or saved elsewhere.

    Double-click it, or click it once and click "Open." OK – done! This contact is now in your Outlook contacts. Repeat steps 7-9 for any additional .vcf files (contacts) you'd like to add to Outlook.

    To export your entire Yahoo! Address Book to Microsoft Outlook Express:

    First, export the information from your Yahoo! Address Book:

    Open your Yahoo! Address Book and click "Import/Export" in the upper-right corner.

    In the Export section, click "Export Now" next to the phrase "Microsoft Outlook."

    A dialog window opens and gives you the option to save your Yahoo! Address Book to disk as a .csv file. Click "Save to Disk".

    Click "OK". The .csv file will be saved to your desktop.

    Next, import that file into Outlook Express:

    Open Microsoft Outlook Express.

    Select "Import" from the "File" menu.

    From the "File" menu, select "Other Address Book."

    Select the file type "Text File (Comma Separated Values)."

    Click the "Import" button.

    Enter the location and name of the file you exported from Yahoo! or use the "Browse" button to find the file. Then click the "Next" button.

    Check the fields you wish to import, and uncheck any fields you do not wish to import to Outlook Express. Or, click "Change Mapping..." to modify where to store the data from Yahoo! Address Book in Outlook Express.

    Click "Finish" to import the data.

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