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A guy at the swimming pool last night.... men???

last night at my swim team we had gotten out of the pool to work on diving off the astarting bloks and we were talking about our christmas presents and i bent down to get my water bottle and i looked up while sitting on the ground and the guy next to me was ''pitching a tent''' if you know what i mean, but the water was warm and its indorrs so it was 95 degress in the pool, i looked at the thermometer, but why was he """pitching a tent''''''' there???

i felt realyy bad for him because he was the only guy at practice last night and there was about 9 girls all watching him because he was talking and he couldn't do anything about it because most people generally look when people move their hands in front of their '''basement'''' especially guys

by the way he is 13 (so am i)

im serious though, plz help

he has asked me out before but i said i was already dating some one (i was at the time) so i know he likes me, is there anything i can tell him tonight at practice to make him feel better


to mqke him feel better, or to help him if it happens againg tonight ( i want to help because he is my friend and hes nice and he knew he was''''''''''pitching a tent''''''' because his face was getting quite red form the embarrassment

Update 2:

PLZ HELP , though hes a really nice kid and he was really embarrased

Update 3:

i was nice enough last night to point everyone at the new plant on the balcony and away from the kid, and he told me thatnks although i dont he was going to tell me why

Update 4:

if it happens again, sould i point everyone away agian or what???

Update 5:

his swimm suit has no netting because its one of those really tight swim suit that guys wear for swim meet to gofaster

Update 6:

what do you mean bring tissue papaer martin???

Update 7:

i wasnt mean to him im just helping because his face looked like the erections were new to him and he didnt know what to do

Update 8:

i already said that he had a tight suit on that guys wear for swim meets to go faster so it wasnt baggy or heavy or rubbing his peni'' in any way, hes really nice and if he asks me out again ill say yes, so you get the point

Update 9:

abqdan and brian both have the best answers so far

Update 10:

so i should just not mention it,,,,,okay

but should i distract the people around him again or ust let him deal with it

like i said earlier, his face showed that this was kind of knew to him

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    For heavens sake grow up. He had an erection. Men get erections. It's normal. They have erections when they wake up in the morning, they get them during the day - and it's NOTHING to do with who is around at the time, or who they are talking to.

    This is an involuntary reaction; he can't control it. And at 13, it's happening all the time to him. Leave the poor guy alone. If you are his friend, totally ignore this.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Thats the way it is when guys are 13 we don't have control down there at all it sucks.

    Always happend to me in Math Class thats when the teacher would want me to work out the problem on the board and I'd have to take the 0 for partcipation points.

    It's embarrassing so don't be mean go get him a towel or something. I'm sure he will remember it when you run into an embarrassing situation and believe me that was all Jr. High was. One embarrassing situation after the other

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    5 years ago

    Yes but if you truly thought that you had a stalker you should have called the police at least so they would know. I would rather have stayed inside and got yelled at by my parents than go outside at night. A girl in my neighborhood was attacked recently when she went on a bike trail by herself at night. You were very lucky.

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    At 13, your johnson gets hard when the wind blows. It could be anything from thoughts in his head to the sensation of the netting in his swimming trunks. At that age, anything can set you off.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    pitching a tent as in getting an erection or shrinkage. well even in warm water guys penis can shrink in size. and it might be bc of all the females around him

  • 1 decade ago

    All guys go through that at one point or another. Just pretend it didn't happen. Saying anything will only make him more embarrassed.

  • Betsy
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    1 decade ago

    Stand in front of him with your back to him. Maybe he will take the opportunity of being hidden to adjust himself.

  • mmd
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    1 decade ago

    best to just ignore it.

    public erections are embarassing enough without having them commented upon.

  • 1 decade ago

    wow. how embarrassing.

    my guess was he was thinking something naughty ....

    but a wet swimsuit is usually heavy enough to prevent such things...even if the water was warm when you got in...a wet swimsuit would turn cold fast...


  • 1 decade ago

    i like the 1 answer

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