Blood is thicker than water! Whats wrong with you weasels?

Last night I asked a question that involved my brother sending me to prison for 3-5 yrs, AFTER I paid for what I had done and apologized profusely to all involved.Points on a drivers licence get erased quickly but prison lasts forever. You ppl who would rat out your own siblings should be drowned in your own shallow opinions of yourselves.

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    this world is full of "weasels". don't let their problems be yours, and don't judge yourself by other people's standards. you can see how warped they are.

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    You went to prison for 3-5 years. That sounds like a sentence, but not a real amount of time. Look, nobody wants to go to prison, but why should your brother pay for your mistakes. Points on a driver's license do not get erased all that quickly. Why should your brother have to pay higher insurance and have his own reputation hurt. Either you're not giving enough detail, or you have a very immature personality.

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    Awwwww...give me a break! Stop being so selfish! I agree with Cherilyn S, if you do love your bro, then you would never ask him to lie. What a selfish thing to expect! If you didn't want a prison record, then you shouldn't have done the crime! GROW UP! I see that now that you have been caught, you are feeling sorry for yourself. That's too bad! Sometimes ratting out your own sibling is the only way to get them to stop destructive behaviour. If your bro was worried that you would end up dead or severely injured, then you can't blame him for stopping you. Prison kept you alive, and your more likely to have learned your lesson. This is why parents punish their kids. They don't want to be hated by thier kids, but they have to find a way for thier kids to learn their lesson and stop them from doing, whatever they did, again.

    Although I still feel strongly about what I wrote above, I just finished reading your original question. It seems that you are sorry for what you have done. That is a good thing. And, if your assumptions are correct about his ex wife and not wanting to lose points on his license being the reason for sending you off, then that is pretty crappy and you have a right to be angry (but I doubt that is the real reason). If he sent you off to be sure that you don't hurt yourself or others again...than it was the right thing to do. I think that a heart to heart is in order. Talk to him. Be the bigger man by breaking the silence to get the matter resolved.

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    We are not suppose to make excuses for our loved ones just because we are related to them.

    I know it is painful... I do very much understand that! However accountability and the character is very important to your loved ones..

    We want to be proud and trust and love and respect our family members.

    I know you are hurt now... but I do beleive that someday in the future.. you will forgive him and he you. And this will be a thing of the past! Yes even the prison time.

    Dont be angry if you ask a question and it did not go the way you thought.. if anything.. it confirmed that your brother did what most would do! And that you currently are missing the point!

    Someday you will understand!

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    You had a question? Or maybe you just wanted to rant how unfair it was that your criminal *** is getting put in the pokey for being stupid.

    Maybe you need to check your definition of a "weasel" - to me that would include a narrow-minded criminal sibling that expected someone to lie to cover his pathetic hindend.

    Do the crime - do the time. If you were so worried about the "prison forever" thing then maybe ya ought not-a-did what ya did.

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    It wrong you spent that time but the word of God says what comes around goes around. Please forgive your siblings for your way to heaven and for God to for give you for the next thing you do. right is right and wrong is wrong no matter who does it. I know you are in a lot of pain but please give yourself some time to heal. Holding anger can make you very sick. Do you want to die I'am sur youdon't so pray and ask the lord to heal you from this anger , hurt pain, resentment, etc and he will answer you if you call on him.Everything happens for a reason thelife we live sometimes consumes us but when we sin it lokks and feel good at the time but not good for us after it's over we have to pay for that sin eventually.I don't judge people God does I encourage people and tell them to focus on your faults and love yourself and respect yourself and others. God bless you brother to get the wisdom of God to overcome all evil that try to surround you.

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    Is it possible that what you were sent to prison for was life-threatening? Last year, my son ran from a possible prison sentence, after being notified by relatives that there was a warrant out for his arrest. He is now dead. Get off your self-serving soapbox, and take responsiblity for your actions.

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    I didn't read your original response, so I'm not sure what the situation was about, but I can tell you that if it was serious enough that you needed to be sent to prision than so be it. Because....blood may be thicker than water, but family doesn't crap on the ones we love in a manner than someone needs to be sent to prision.. sorry about your luck

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    ...sounds like you're the one drowning--in the infinitely deep ocean of your own selfish ego. It sounds like the only thing you learned from your ordeal is how to absorb yourself deeper in your own pity party.

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    Is this a question?

    You do the crime, you do the time. Whatever you did, just because you've apologized doesn't mean you are off the hook.

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    I love my family unconditionally no matter what they've done. BUT, if they've done something horrible, they better not call me to bail them out. They got themselves into it, they can get themselves out. I stay out of it. But to actually rat them out, heck no, I would never do that unless it's hurting someone directly.

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