Is it possible to get VW to reimburse?

I have a 98 VW Beetle. I bought it from my parents with 25,000 miles on it. The electric windows fell in the door and the retractors needed fixed right away. My parents had paid to have them fixed once before. 500.00 each time! Now, seven months later the driver side fell in the door again! The check engine light went on and I was told all four hoses were rotted and needed replaced. The switches to roll up the window and down broke off as well. This thing has less than 45,000 miles on it now and it's falling apart. Is it worth my while to write VW, send all the invoices and see if they will help?

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    check, they fixed mine with 100k+ on it and they fixed the passenger side also, free, free, free

    now for the switches, they are $35 each (2) on driver door (1) on passenger door, but I got mine at the bone yard, free, they will fit in your pocket and they are all the same, so you can just move the broken one to the other door,

    The hoses can be had at any parts store, did mine at autozone for <$5 and 15 min. of work

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    There was a Recall on the window regulator clips up to 100k miles. Check with you local dealer about that. If you roll the windows up and they are power windows, and you can hear a motor then you know its not a motor and just the metal updated window reg. clips. There should be a 1 year 12kmiles warranty on all work done at the dealer. And $500 is steep. Its a job that takes no more then 1 hour per window if the technician is slow.

    so 2 hours at 90$ and hour is $180 for labor and the part kit is no more then $80.00 for both sides. $260 should be your final cost at the VW dealer. Add an extra $100 for their benefit and it still wont cost you $500! Look into the recall like I said.

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    yea, unless you have an extended warrenty, odds are good you are going to have to pay out of pocket. They won't reimburse you.

    It may only have 45k miles on it, but it is still 8 years old.

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    1 decade ago

    bad luck 4 you. to them,there may be a recall or service bulletin on it..It never hurts to complain...nicely of course!

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    Sell it.

    Those beetles will bug you every day you own them. Pardon the pun.

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