If God is a perfect being and does not make mistakes?

Why did some of his angels including Satan rebel againts him why did Adam and Eve disobey him, why did he destroy the world once because he was dissappointed why is he planning to destroy it again.

If the only answer is because of free will, what is to prevent rebellion again in God's paradise afterall will there not still be free will.

If you keep wiping things that you created out and starting all over, are you not admitting that you did not do a good job the first time. No simplistic answer some different perspective please.

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    G-d makes no mistakes. Satan rebelling is a Christian invention. Everything else you list is a literalistic interpretation.

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    Is God a perfect being? Yes. Does he make mistakes? No. Why does anybody rebel against him? All intelligent beings - human and angelic creature - have free will. It is a gift from God that he will never take away. I know that word gets bandied about quite a bit on this site, but it applies. Free will is the ability to choose. Period. But free will is accompanied by responsibility. Every choice has a consequence, yes? Adam and Eve clearly knew the consequence of disobedience, but they chose to disobey anyway.

    Would we really want life any other way? Would you want God to force you to do every little thing? Decide what clothes you wear, what, how and when you will eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner? What car you will drive? Where you will live, work and play? How you will live, work and play? Because that is the opposite of free will – no choice at all. Free will does not exist in degrees. But the “only” answer is not free will. Free will is a part of the answer – but not the whole answer.

    Having said that, God destroyed the wicked world of mankind because that world, as this world, became full of violence. Destroying that wicked world also delivered his faithful children – Noah, his wife, sons and daughters-in-law.

    Yes there will still be free will in the restored paradise on earth. Which means rebellion is absolutely possible. But there will be no need to allow any sort of rebellion to continue. It will be “nipped in the bud” as the saying goes, and the rebel will be put to death. Period. It must be understood: there were two profound issues raised in the Garden of Eden which issues need to be resolved. That is what is happening now. Is that confusing? Well . . .

    Post another question on this site - ask this: According to the Bible, why is God taking so long to do something about wickedness? According to the Bible, what issues are involved?

    Hannah J Paul

    Source(s): The Holy Scriptures The Book of Genesis The Book of Job
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    For people of faith, problems of doctrinal contradiction do not matter. Genesis could have been written backwards, with God making Man the lord of nature on the first day, only to have to create such a world (by dividing the light from the dark) on the seventh, and they would still say it is the infallible word of God.

    God is perfect, and all-powerful, but God cannot go beyond its nature. God can part the waters (a simply problem of physics when you get down to it) but God cannot make 2+2=5, where the numbers 2 and 5 are as we know them. God can make people who only do good (such as a man might make a car that only turns right) but such a being is thus incomplete. For God to share completely in total with his creations, then they must have a total range and freedom of experience. From such choice is virtue created, is heroism achieved, is humility allowed.

    Virtue is no virtue that does not measure itself against lechery and failure. There can be no true victory if there is no possibility of defeat. Humility walks hand-in-hand with pride and arrogance.

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    First of all it is important to understand that Jehovah God does not make mistakes._Deuteronomy 32:4 However God has made humans as well as spirit creatures as free moral agents. Unlike animals who are driven largely by instinct, we are created with freewill. God is not interested in service performed under compulsion._ 2 Corinthians 9:7. For example, a parent would find it much more pleasing to hear a child say, "I love you," from the heart, rather than a child who was told to say that. Similarly it makes Jehovah's heart glad when humans serve him because they want to. Unfortunately Satan, and the first human pair, Adam and Eve made the worst use of their freewill.

    Satan was not created evil, but was created as a perfect angel in heaven. However he later thought too much of himself and began to crave the worship that rightly belongs to God._Matthew 4:8-10. Later he got Adam and Eve to join in his rebellion as well as some of the angels in heaven._ Jude 5 Instead of destroying the rebels right away, Jehovah allowed Satan and his rebels to show how he would rule mankind, and has also allowed humans to govern themselves with Satan's guidance to answer the important issue that was raised; His sovereignty.

    In the account in Genesis, some of God's angels saw the daughters of men and came down to earth to marry them. The result was hybrid offspring known as Nephilims who were no doubt behind a lot of the violence and wickedness in the world at that time. The earth was filled with violence and that every inclination of the thoughts of their hearts was only bad would of course make God hurt to his heart. So it is no wonder that Jehovah brought that ancient world to ruin!_ Genesis 1:1-7

    Similiarly we live in a very wicked, morally debased world, and God does say that he will destroy this wicked world._Matthew 24:37; Revelation 11:18 Jehovah never changed his purpose that righteous humans will live forever on a paradise Earth._ Psalms 37:29. Although God does not desire any to be destroyed, he vows to undo all the suffering and harmful effects brought upon by man-rule which has proven to be a failure._1 John 3:8;Daniel 2:44 That fact that he destroyed the world in Noah's day DOES not mean he is the one that made the mistake. Humans are the ones that erred and have chosen to stray from their Heavenly father's direction. In both scenarios that of Noah's day and the impending destruction of this system of things, there will be survivors. Indeed God promises that the earth will remain forever._Eccelesiastes 1:4 He wouldn't literally obliterate this world just to do away with ones who are opposed to his rule, much like a landlord would not burn down the house because of bad tenants.

    Indeed the whole earth will be turned into a paradise and for a thousand years we will grow to perfection. After the thousand years God will release Satan from his prison for a "little while" before he is destroyed forever._Revelation 20:3 Yes like always we would still have freewill, and whether we still remain faithful is up to us.

    Source(s): The Bible/Reasoning from the Scriptures
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    Good question.....freewill is what started all the problem but it was influenced by a wicked spirit and as long as he is still around, freewill will be challenged. There is no question about it that rebellion in paradise will happen. The Bible even for tells that. But the good thing is that rebellion in paradise will be dealt with right there and at that moment, because all will be perfect in Gods eyes and he doesn't need to keep wickedness around to make a point. The wicked one will be done away with and their would be no one to blame but yourself.

  • No one knows what will prevent rebellion in the future. I don't know if the bible says there will be no rebellion in the future. Doesn't talk about it much. Just says God will be here.

    We disobey because of freewill. Without free we could never truly love. Since God is love we have free will. Free will to love him or leave him.

    He doesn't start over with our souls. Creation is creation, but our souls are another matter altogether. To start over would be to do away with our souls too. He is not doing that so he isn't completely starting over.

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    It's all in the script. It makes a good story, explains to semi nomadic sheep hearders how the world works. Helps primitive societies that didn't have a clue understand the universe in a way that their simple society could deal with. The theology of God has evolved over time, the simplistic God of Adam and Eve is much different from the complex Trinity God of the current church. Boy will I get flamed for that one.

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    Imagine you were a father accused in front of your entire community of abusing your position as family head, and the accuser insisted your children would fare much better if they were allowed to make decisions independently of you. He claimed your children obeyed you only because of material things you provided for them, not out of love. Now how could you best put to rest such a sickening lie?

    Should you kill the person who said it and everyone who believed the worst about you? Wouldn't it be much more in keeping with your loving nature to allow your children the opportunity to be your witnesses- to show that you are a fair, loving family head and show by their actions that they live with you because they love and respect you?

    If any of your children sided with the liar and chose to leave you to pursue what they thought was a better life (becoming involved in things you hate, to their detriment), it would hurt your heart. It would also help honest observers in your community realize that the children who stayed with you were better off in your care.

    This is the accusation that Satan has made against God- the first 2 chapters of the book of Job show that Satan claimed Job's obedience was due to God's protection and provisions, not based on love. Also he said people would give anything (implying we would forsake God) in order to save our own skin. He told Eve she would not die if she chose to decide right and wrong for herself starting with eating the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and bad. Who is the best judge of what is right- isn't it Jehovah God? Jesus, Job, and many others have proved we can be faithful to God despite suffering momentarily. That's what this life is- it's momentary, so study the bible and find out how just God really is so that you can be among those who will inherit the earth!

    Source(s): http://www.watchtower.org/ Near the bottom right side of the page it says "Would you welcome a free home Bible study?" Get in touch with Jehovah's witnesses locally or contact them through the website above.
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    You are looking at things from a purely "human" perspective. God does not see good and evil as we see it. Who is to say that "wiping things out" is bad when it is done by God? We all die. Is that bad? If you see it as simply the way things are and neither good nor bad, you might feel differently when it is someone you love, or yourself. However God sees it ALL the same. One must get past judging God's actions in human terms to have any understanding of God at all. Quit trying to define God and allow him to define you if you want to know God.

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    Free will means just that. The freedom to decide. Sometimes we freely do that which is bad for us. The story of the rebelling angels and the myth of Adam and Even and the myth of the flood are examples of this.

    Do not confuse myth with truth. God did not destroy the earth with a flood. Adam and Eve did not exist in the Garden of Eden. These myths are in the bible to teach us a religious truth.

    The mistake is not in God giving us a free will. The mistake is in how that free will is used.

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    nicely, considering the fact that we are imperfect beings, how is it that we would certainly comprehend no count if or no longer changing one's ideas is unquestionably imperfect. We might p.c. it to be so because of the fact we are basing it on a less than perfect theory technique. and since the subject count in question is approximately perfection, we in basic terms have a definition of what perfection is, so we are basing that on our constrained wisdom of it. yet did God relatively replace His ideas? might desire to it have been component of His plan all alongside? might desire to He have estimated each and every circulate to attain the excellent consequence He needed? Hmmmm, stay tuned!

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