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I need chinchilla help, are they sick and what's going to happen? How to treat?

I have two chinchillas, a mother and a son homegrown. The mother turned 5 this year, the son 4. The son has no previous illnesses, but the mom had eye problems. They are separated, I only let them run around together once since I've noticed the mom's problems. Her fur under herchin is all matted and coming out, but the fur on her backside of her is perfect, and now the son is starting todevelop this too. My mom says it's a fungus. So how do we heal this? If untreated, what's going to happen? Is it fatal?

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    Let me make sure I have this straight: both chinchillas have a wet, matted patch of fur just under their chins, correct?

    If this is the case, I would urge you to get your chinchillas to a vet as soon as possible. This wet chin could be caused by "malocclusion" - a serious genetic tooth problem which could be the cause of their drooling, and is fatal if it remains untreated. I doubt it is a fungus, which would effect likely their entire coat.

    Pets can't be accurately diagnosed on the internet. Please see a trained professional as soon as you can get your mom to take them over. Good luck!

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    Your best bet would be to take them both to a vet familiar with chinchilla problems. (If it is a fungus that is - only a prescription cream is going to clear that up)

    What in her cage could be matting her fur? does she rub her chin along anything?

    Is she/they eating any foods other than her dry food?

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    Have you tried separate dust baths every day? Keep them seperate for a while. Is she scratching? Does it smell? Maybe you should take her to the vet. Keep her on good feed such as Mazuri

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    maybe you could try giving them each a seperate fresh duts bath everyday. this maybe could dry the fungus up.

    have they gotton wet? make sure they stay dry, you should consult a vet if they dont get any better soon.

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