For those diagnosed with breast cancer, or any cancer, did your body feel like it was going through?

strange changes? It's hard to explain but my body felt really weird the month prior to my diagnosis & didn't know if it had anything to do with the cancer? Is it possibly the change in hormones or something?

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    Your body was trying to fight off the illness which is clearly the reason you noticed a change prior to the diagnosis. Apparently, your immune system was not strong enough and therefore, you sought medical attention. From here on, just slow down, take your medication and pray that the illness inside your body will find it's way out of your system... allowing you a longer life. You could also make peace with God, His peace shall give you the strength you need to live onward and a peace you desperately need. I shall pray for your speedy recovery. (Di)

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    I had ovarian cancer and before I had the hysterectomy, I kept thinking I had a "lightening" feeling in my head but not from that, like a warning something else was wrong. My gyn said I was just nervous, but when I woke up after the operation all groggy and painful, he came in to tell me they discovered I had had cervical cancer, too that had escaped being detected while I was going thru the other tests. So I had a total clean-out and I survived. But I never had that "lightening" feeling again.

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    I don't know about breast cancer but I had Lymphoma and did not feel any different. I had no idea other than the lump on my neck that it was anything bad. I felt fine throughout the process. That was my experience anyway.

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    I didnt notice anyting like that, But I had an aura, I kept thinkning I have cancer, but no symptoms other than a little tired. when diagnosed it turned out to be ovarian cancer

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  • jewel
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    i have breast cancer,i didn't really notice any symptoms maybe because it was early,however since iv'e had 2 surgeries and facing a mastectomy i feel tired,worn out,i think it helps alot to have a positive attitude tho and to keep life as normal as possible and be good to yourself

    goodluck to you and me!

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