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Can I Defrage while other applications are still running?

My PC says I have to defrage, can I continue working on it and downloading?

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    Yes and no...

    Yes it will work. It will just take a lot longer. But if the defrag software encounters a spot that is active on the disk, it may stop and tell you other applications are using the disk and it cannot continue.

    My defrag takes a considerable amount of time (2-3hrs) because the disk is large. It will also take a long time if this is the first time you do it.

    What I do is leave the PC on and start the defrag before I go to bed. (Turn off any downloads you have going on like Limewire or Bearshare or such...) Then in the morning, check it and make sure all went well and there was no bad sectors or other issues.

    If you want to play solitaire, freecell, or browse the web while this is going on, that will not usually cause a problem that would interrupt the defrag.

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    Yes, however, the defrag process will pause every time data is written to the hard drive.

    It will take much longer. Why not just start the defrag process before you go to sleep or while you are doing something else besides using the PC ?


    Philip T

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yes, you can, But won't recommended as it a really takes a lot of time. Because once you write some data on that partition, the defrag will start from the scratch.

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    Technically yes. But I wouldnt recommend it. Defragging uses quite a bit of resources and it reorganizes your hard drive. If you need to Defrag so you can download more stuff then you are hitting another problem. also, remeber that it is best to run all spy-ware, ad-ware, and antivirus programs before defragging, as well as running disck cleanup. it will make your defrag more effective. In short, finish downloading and then defrag.

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    it's not recommended to have other programs running while you're defragging

    it's best to disconnect your cable while defragging

    and shut down any programs running such as your anti-virus program, messengers, internet browser

    doing that will allow the defrag to run faster and better

    if you don't shut down the programs the defrag will run for a bit, then stop

    that gets you no where

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    yes u can...but defrag will take more time cz its dealing with data on ur HD and its an extra application running on ur pc and using its resources..its better to let it run alone though

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    wouldnt reccomend it....would make the process pointless. just wait till your downlaods are done.

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