who is mohamed maklouf?

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    Mohamed Maklouf: Mohamed is a Libyan / British national now residing in the UK. He has been a filmmaker and film critic since 1983 and has worked as a freelance writer for several Arabic language and periodicals in London. He organized the first Arab cartoon festival in London in 1989 and has worked as a consultant on short and documentary films for several Arab and British television companies. Mohamed is the Founder and Executive Director of the Arab Screen Independent Film Festival which was held in London in April 1999, and which specialized in Arab short films and documentary films. The second session of this festival was held in Qatar in March 2001, both sessions sponsored by Al Jazeera channel. He was a member of the international jury of the Milan African Film Festival in Italy in 2002 , and has served as the jury president of Emirates Film Competition 2002. He also was a consultant for the Lucerne International Film Festival organizing the Arab Human Rights section in 2003 . Currently works as Consultant / Chief Programmer of the Arabian Shorts of the DUBAI INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (DIFF) .

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    Mohamed Makhlouf is Syrien

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    Mohamed Makhlouf

    Position: Financial Advisor to Assad Family

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