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best way to help my 10yo son lose weight without forcing him?

I argue with my son a lot. He is overweight. My consern is his future health. I think there is a way to motivate kids to do more activities. I lost weight recently. but I can not gt my son to join me into walkin, running or even outside activites. He rather blame me for everything but sit and do psp or playstation 2. Any experience?

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    Get him in a sport. Only keep healthy food around the house. Snacks can be carrots instead of pudding. Only one glass of juice at each meal and after that juice water. In between meals drink water.

    Swimming is also good exercise maybe he will enjoy going to an indoor pool once a week.

    limit it to two hours total on the psp, playstation, TV, and computer and stay strong about it

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    First of all, take the PSP and playstation away or limit the amount of time he spends on that activity. Also reduce the amount of TV time he has. That is the biggest thing you can do for him. Have him ride his bike, rollerblades/skates, skateboard while you walk so it doesn't feel like exercise, it's fun to ride your bike. Go to the park and have him play there with a basket ball, soccer ball, football, anything. Try to see if there is a sport that he likes and get him involved. Biggest thing is get him off the couch, try not to force him because then he will see it as a punishment and that is not what you want to do. Now is the time to get them into good health habits that will stay with him for life.

    As for food, remove all the junk foods from the home. They are not doing you or him any good. Have healthy snacks in the house, fruits and nuts. Reduce the amount that he eats by serving smaller portions but do not starve the kid. Cook healthy. Cut the soft drinks. What he does is from habit and because he does not know any other way. Make a change in your lifestyle and he will change too.

    Source(s): I have two kids 9 and 11 that have the potential to get over weight but we have encouraged them to play sports and play outside a lot. We do some of this with them as well. Limit junk foods too. They even eat salads which was surprising when they ordered it at a restaurant. They will follow your lead it just takes time and consistency. Good luck.
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    One thing you do have some control over is what he eats, because you are the one buying his food. Choose healthier versions of everything. I know you can't control what he eats at school or with friends, but he's at the age now where he won't be buying his own food. If you have a dog, get him to take him for a walk. Let him play ps2 afterwards. You really can't make him do any walking or any of that. Maybe some household chores would do him some good. Folding or mopping would be good to start with.

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    At 10 years old, you should be the one who is monitoring what he is eating. If he is "sneaking" food, you need to get it out of the house or out of his reach. If he is just lazy, find something that he has an interest in or give him a reward for working out such as if you walk 30 minutes a day you can play PSP for 1 hour. Try to make it fun for him. Afterall he is only 10 and doesn't have much control of things unless you let him. Good luck.

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    Oh ok, if he is 10 years old, then it is easy. Cook some healthy food, more veggie instead of greasy stuffs. Also, do some incentive just as if he loses a certain amount of pounds, then you would consider buying a new game for his PSP. I think taking away his playstation would be forcing.

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    We were not allowed inside the house when we were kids, except for lunch or the bathroom. Your son sounds like he spends too much time on the idiot box of one variety or another. I know many people who limit the time their kids spend in frot of the tv, computer, video games, etc to 1 hour a day combined. I will bet that will upset him greatly for a bit, but he'll come around.

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    I've lost 5 kilos in my first week. It's my 10th day and I have included salad with some protein (eg. egg/ lean chicken) as you suggested. After 4 years of trying, the fat is finally coming off. It truly feels like magic!

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    You are the mom. He does not have his video games or computer without your consent. He does not have to like you. You are not his friend. That being said, plan activities outside like outings, such as nature walks and trips to the park. He doesn't have to "work out" in order to get exercise. Think of activities that don't sound like exercising that still get in some physical activity.

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    i think this is more of a family problem, you first have to connect with your son, become a friend, not a father. do some of the activities that he likes, play on his playstation together, do things together, you will see, when he won't be afraid of you he will want to have you next to him everywhere, when you are jogging or playing basketball. good luck!! and a happy new year

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    Try to encourage him to play sports... like football at first, because of his size , he wouldnt have to lose weight right away, but eventually he would want to, to become an even better player.

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