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What is the proper temperature to store wine?

My grandparents recieved a wine coller for Christmas, and want to know what the proper temperature to store white wine is.

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    There are four key elements to proper long-term wine storage: temperature, humidity, light and vibration.

    Temperature: An important long-term storage factor. Temperature levels in a wine cellar must be cool and constant. The generally accepted temperature for storing wine is 55°F, although a range of 50° to 60°F is considered acceptable. White wines prefer it as cool as 45 degrees. In general, higher temperatures make wines age faster, while cooler temperatures slow the aging process. Higher temperatures may also cause alcohol separation. When temperatures become too low, however, deposits or other suspensions may develop in the wine.

    Sudden or wide fluctuations in a wine's temperature will interrupt the proper aging process. Temperature variations not only shrink and swell the cork, but they may also directly affect the organic components in the wine. Gradual fluctuations of up to 10°F between seasons will not likely damage your wine, however, more frequent fluctuations of this magnitude will negatively affect the proper aging process.

    Humidity: For long-term wine storage, a relative humidity of about 65% at approximately 55°F is ideal, however, a range between 60% and 80% is acceptable. Wine is stored on its side so that the wine is in contact with the cork at all times, keeping the cork wet.

    Lower humidity levels will dry the air-side of the cork, allowing for air leakage or capillary pull action of the wine toward the dry side. This allows oxygen to come in contact with the wine, causing immediate aging. High humidity levels will not harm the wine. In fact, to a true oenephile, moldy wine bottles is an indication that the wine has been stored properly for long-term storage. Cardboard boxes will not survive in cellars with high humidity levels, and should therefore be removed from the cellar. These boxes will become soggy and structurally unsound, thus putting your wine at risk.

    Light: Ultraviolet light causes premature aging of wines. While wine in clear bottles is most susceptible, wine in dark bottles can be affected as well. Ultraviolet light breaks down some of the complex components and may even produce unpleasant aromas. Sparkling wines are the most sensitive to light and should be stored in the darkest part of your cellar. Incandescent or sodium vapor lighting are generally better for your cellar than fluorescent light sources, however, as long as light exposure is infrequent, it won't have a negative impact on your collection.

    Vibration: While generally not a problem in residential wine cellars, excessive vibration can disturb a wine's sediment balance. Sediments are meant to fall out of wine and vibration could reintroduce them back into liquid form. Wine should be organized and stored away from cooling system vibrations.

    Additional considerations: Wine should always be stored away from strong smelling compounds and foods. These odors can penetrate a weak cork and eventually change a wine's character.

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    white 55 degrees Far; reds around 65 degrees Far ; saying 'room temperature' doesnt apply well because it was a measurement used in prior centuries which didnt have central heating and insulation and the like

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    my haier wine fridge has two bottons, one for red and one for white. whites are around 51 - 52 degress reds 54. i generally set mine for red since I have 2/3 red.

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  • room temerature....or if you store it in a cellar it can be cold stored to!

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