Most religion believe that after you die at some point you will be resurrected?

But if you are wrong and it never happens how would you know since the dead knows nothing.


To CS you don't know what the hell (no pun intended)you are talking about there is no mention of hell in the bible try actually reading it.

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    It's part of our belief and we have proof which is in the Qur'an which has never been changed. It's the words of ALlah (God) and repeatedly Allah has Said that one day we will face Him after we die. To really think about it, consider you die and you are never raised up again and that's it you're gone forever.....don't you think that would be so pointless? to live and to die and that's it!!?

    what would happen to all the injustices that are left with no justice?

    what would happen to all the good deeds that are left unrewarded?

    doesn't it make sense that after we die we will be resurrected and brought up and questioned about our deeds and according to them we will either be rewarded or punished?

    it makes much sense to me and reading the Qur'an makes me even stronger on my beliefs.

    just a little thought!

    Source(s): Muslim's point of view!
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    And the Jews say, 'The Christians stand on nothing' and the Christians say, 'The Jews stand on nothing;' while they both read the same book. Even thus said those, who had no knowledge, like what they say. But Allah shall judge between them on the Day of Resurrection concerning that wherein they disagree.

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    In order to understand everything - you must first understand the nothing! Just spread peace, goodwill, and love on the earth and what ever happens will happen!

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    If they are wrong you want them to know? What is that some kind of punishment you want for them for being wrong? xx

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    In all honesty I believe in God and I think if you know about Jesus but take no notice (no offense) but you will go to hell. (Which is not pleasant. Sorry to be blunt but they are my beliefs

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