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Can you write me a java or c++ program on......?

I need to write a program to find the armstrong numbers between 100 and 1000. Please Help. Be assured that you will get 10 points if you write a good program.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    isns't that what YOU"RE SUPPOSED TO do. not other people.

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  • gove
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    i do not understand why each body is speaking about pastime programming. The question replaced into "that is the all-round more beneficial efficient programming language". My opinion for this question is Java. you do not would favor to get dirty with memory management55b84a9d317184fe61224bfb4a6fb0 syntax is in many circumstances intuitive55b84a9d317184fe61224bfb4a6fb0 speed is analogous (Java is slower55b84a9d317184fe61224bfb4a6fb0 utilizing truth's partly interpreted55b84a9d317184fe61224bfb4a6fb... yet I doubt you'll ever finally finally end up in a undertaking the position you'll see this massive difference)a million,2,3 Java's structure implements good conventions. there are really some topics I dislike about Java55b84a9d317184fe61224bfb4a6fb0 that is exceptions are irritating55b84a9d317184fe61224bfb4a6fb0 you may not overload operators55b84a9d317184fe61224bfb4a6fb0 there are some stressful syntax things55b84a9d317184fe61224bfb4a6fb0 like new merchandise() would favor to be in my opinion55b84a9d317184fe61224bfb4a6fb0 and that i hate how procedures with out parameters though require parentheses55b84a9d317184fe61224bfb4a6fb... and some places a way would have the same call as a variable55b84a9d317184fe61224bfb4a6fb0 so "abc".length() demands parentheses yet [55b84a9d317184fe61224bfb4a6fb055b84a9d3... does not (receives truly stressful once you're coping with arrays of strings. yet those are little irritants55b84a9d317184fe61224bfb4a6fb0 c++ would have many many more55b84a9d317184fe61224bfb4a6fb0 and that i have were given yet to come across a compiler for a residing residing house residing house windows gadget that i replaced into pleased with. i take advantage Bloodshed55b84a9d317184fe61224bfb4a6fb0 that is the superb i have were given come across55b84a9d317184fe61224bfb4a6fb0 in spite of the easy incontrovertible truth that it though sucks next to even a elementary textual content cloth editor and command line on Linux. seen C++ is a cruel joke55b84a9d317184fe61224bfb4a6fb0 and also you do not pick to purpose compiling on a residing residing house residing house windows gadget with out an IDE55b84a9d317184fe61224bfb4a6fb0 the hoops you'll would favor to leap with the help of will make you cry. So i recommend get your self a bodily efficient Java IDE (i take advantage JCreator on Windows55b84a9d317184fe61224bfb4a6fb0 some swear with the help of utilizing Eclipse)a million,2,3 and that i imagine of you'll actual be happier with it.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Hmm... spending my good time to write you a program that could take hours to do. But "oh joy!" I could get 10 points on my account that mean absolutely nothing in real life =D

    How about you do your own work or pay someone to do it for you? And I don't mean in worthless points, idiot.

    Go fail on your own.

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