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What are the 10 steps to waiter service?

For example;

1) Greet the customer


Help me out please!!! Thanks =)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    1. Introduce yourself. (greet the customer)

    2. Ask if you can start them off with something to drink while they look at the menu.

    3. Get drinks and when you bring them back ask them if they are ready to order. If not, suggest to put in an appetizer while they look.

    4. Put in order. Making sure that you are timing things right. You don't want their salad and appetizer and dinner coming out of top of each other.

    5. Check on table with each dish. Making sure that they are getting everything they need (i.e. fresh ground pepper for salad, etc)

    6. Clear dishes throughout meal, making sure that there are never dirty dishes or empty glasses on the table for extended periods of time.

    7. When finished with all entrees and all plates have been cleared, ask if they would like dessert or coffee (after dinner drink, etc).

    8. Make sure you thank them when you drop the check off.

    9. Watch table to make sure that you are around if they need change or their credit card rung. You also don't want cash left on the table (you are usually responsible for it if it shows up 'missing')

    10. Go get your tip. And don't be surprised if you did everything you could and it's still only 10%. People suck. :) (and so does waiting on them)

    Source(s): too many years.
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  • 4 years ago

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    Yeah, that's a pretty crappy tip. Sorry. Customary is 15-20% depending on the size of the bill, the size of the party and how good the service was. It's a judgment call. Food servers rely ont ips for their income, they get a very small base wage and the rest is based on tips. If they did a god job, they deserve at least the customary rate. If you can't afford to tip appropriately, it's not apporpriate to go out for dinner and ask to be served, it's a little rude. Almost every cell phone these days has a tip calculator. If not, every cell phone has a regular calculator. Calculate at least 15% of your bill and add that as the tip. $66 x .15 = $9.90, $66 x .20 = $13.20 so you should have left at least $10. That being said, at Friday's, if you under tipped a little, it's not a huge faux pas, you made a mistake in claculation, but if you have a good waiter, just try to keep that in mind next time. IF you have a bad server, I more than condone leaving a crappy tip as a kick in the butt to step up their performance. Appropos to nothing, your boyfriend, though, being older and not a student should have at least offered to leave the tip if you were taking him out for Valentine's Day. Not sure why he didn't take you out to begin with, but I suppose that's not my business. PS. I'm not sure if I"m confused or my fellow answerers are confused... I thought your boyfriend called you cheap, other people seem to think the waiter called you cheap...

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I can't say this in steps but I do everything formally. A waiter should go to the table whose seats are being sat on and say, "Good morning/good afternoon. May I take your order?"

    The waiter should speak with a friendly.

    The people/person who is/are odering should then say (if they know that which they would like):

    "I/ we would like to order a/the (whatever it is they want.)

    The waiter should then say:

    "Your order will be ready soon. May I get you anything else?"

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    greet the guest within 60 seconds.

    offer to order appetizer and get drink order

    deliver beverage take entree order

    deliver appetizer if ordered

    deliver salad or soup, and remove app. dish

    deliver entree, remove salad and soup dish, and refill bev

    do the "two bite or two minute" checkback, is everything ok?

    prebus all dishes and refill bev.s as needed

    offer dessert and or after dinner drink

    if yes, order then deliver and then present check

    if no, just present check and give final farewell.

    Source(s): I have been a server for 24 years. It will vary a little depending on rest. type, but this is standard proceedure. you can make a small fortune if you are a good server. Good Luck
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  • 1 decade ago

    2. How many in your party ?

    3. Ask where they would like to sit

    4. Get Water

    5. Smile

    6. Reccomend some dishes

    7. Tell them about today's specials

    8. Mention some wines

    9. Ask if they would like an appetizer

    10. Check on them frequently

    Source(s): Experience.
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