How to copy mp3 songs from pc to cd as mp3 files?

i have mp3 compatibe cd player in my car & i want to copy mp3 songs from my pc to a cd( as mp3s) so that i can take it whenever i travel. i have jukebox, media player, nero, realplayer but i couldn't copy as mp3 songs. all these converts into a audio track. please help me detail...

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    Use the "Create data CD" option....NOT "music CD".

    This will maintain the mp3 file integrity.


    Philip T

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    1 decade ago

    Big assumption: Window XP is the operating system.

    This is actually pretty simple. Open "Windows Explorer" (not to be confused with "Internet Explorer"). Right click (single or highlight a group of songs) on the mp3 file you want to copy. In the pop up window, look for "Send To", in the next pop up window select "CD Drive". Continue doing this until all the mp3 files are selected.

    As soon as the first file is selected, you will get a pop up balloon at the bottom of your screen stating "You have files waiting to be copied to cd".

    After you finish, click on the ballon or the icon on the system tray. It will open a window with a list of the files. On the left, there is a link to "Write These Files to CD". Click it.

    The CD Writing Wizard will pop up. Follow instructions to burn the files. The 2nd screen will ask you if you want to create an audio cd or a data cd. Click the radio button for "Data CD". This will leave them as file type mp3.

    The wizard writes your cd and thanks you for allowing it to serve you. Well maybe not the last part.

    Most of the tools you were using can also write mp3, but I dont' use them for that, so I don't know how to use them. If I'm making a data cd, this is the easiest way I know.

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    how are you setting up the burn program? - to data cd? or music cd?

    usually to make a music cd you click on - create an audio cd

    because you haven't specified the exact version of nero that you have - it's a bit hard to give you step by step instructions - your best bet is to go to the nero site and check out the tutorials in the their site listed below (they have instructions for nero 6 and nero 7 along with the various types of nero programs under each version)

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    go with all of the data utilizing the Ctrl or Shift key appropriate click on them an go with deliver to... and choose your cd force stick to the ensuing training if no longer something takes place open My computing device and discover the CD force, double click on it, it might show a heading of data waiting to be Written to CD. If it does,click on Write those data to CD under report menu, if there are no longer any data, appropriate click on the report record lower back and click on replica, then click on the sparkling historic past of the CD force window in My computing device and click Paste, then Write those data...

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  • rbarc
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    1 decade ago

    Yup, do what Philip says. Data cd not music cd.

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