nasal septum spur....?

I had a long bout of sinus congestion and just feeling generally ill, the ENT recommended I get a sinus Cat Scan. The report revealed I had a deviated setpum and a septum spur (which I guess is a type of bone spur) growing out of that. Just about every ENT in my area is on vacation right now, leaving me to wonder every day what this means.

Long shot I know, but does anyone here know if a deviated septum/spur causes prolonged headaches? I have dull headaches every day, usually in the back of my head but it often spreads to other areas too. The Cat Scan did not reveal any sinus infection.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Okay i had the surgery to straighten out my septum. I had real bad headaches i couldn't bend over or nothing without getting lightheaded and then a pounding headache. I had sinus infections one after another. My surgery consisted of staightening out the septum, removing two bones (for my headaches), opening up my sinuses. It took me about 6 months to see results.

    My headaches are gone I rarely even get them (even when I'm PMSing). to make a long story short If you keep experiencing pain I would get the surgery I can now say it has actually helped me.

    Source(s): Myself This who did my surgery
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