what's up with over protective boyfriends?

they know that you don't want to be with anyone else ( or you wouldn't be with them) but they still act as if thry have something or someone to worry about. Ok hears the scoop --> i hang out with alll guys & he hangs out with mostly girls. I don't question him about his friends but he q's me constantly about mine. I trust him more than he doe me, but he doesn't have any reason not to trust me. well what do yall think is going on?

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    Guys like this are simply insecure. They don't want you talking to others because they're jealous of you giving your attention to others.

    Guys like this need to learn that you can't control a woman, you need to be able to trust and suppress your jealous, insecure, self-esteem issues.

    Tell him to grow a pair

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    It's been proven that most people who accuse the other of cheating, is actually cheating themselves. Maybe the boy likes some of the girls he hangs out with and doesn't believe that you can't find your friends attractive too. Most guys who are over protective when they are that young, turn into abusers when they get older. My advice to you is to dump him now or pay the consequenses later. Thank you and good luck.

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    Its not particularly nice to see your g/f over other blokes - he may just be jealous he may be insecure. If he's been cheated on in the past this may only inflame the situation.

    Don't argue about it - its just not worth it. If he wants to be with you he's going to have to learn to trust you.

    If he can't trust you, you need to ask yourself - is he the right man for you?

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    More than likely he is not secure with himself and needs you to constantly tell him that you are his and will be. Depending on how old you are you might want to read a few books one is He's just not that into you and the other depending on your age is either for women only or for young women only. They are really good books and helped me understand why I shouldn't be with certain people and why I should be with other!!

    Good luck!!!

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  • I think that you need to watch his lead. Do what he is doing to you. Question his "girl" friends and why he has them when he has you. Ask him why doesn't he trust you. If i was you, i would question him like he is questioning me and when he says something to you about it i would say you question me so i am questioning you. Make sure he knows that your male friends are just friends and nothing more. That's all what i did and me and Matt are perfectly fine and he quit questioning me b/c he didn't like me questioning him even tho i trust him.

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    someone once told me that people accuse you of something if they're doing it also. or something like that. like he's accusing you of wanting other people then maybe hes really wanting other people. he may be feeling guilty. or maybe not! maybe he's just insecure. sit down and explain to him you wouldnt be with him if you wanted other people. and after that talk if he still accuses you of stuff you arent doing then you'd probably be off better ending the relationship. this kinda crap can drive you crazy.

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    Men are insecure when it come to this. They don't want another boy / man stealing there girlfriends. Mostly, I think it's a man thing because my fiance doesn't mind if I talk with other guys, but I know that it gets to him.

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    he is just immature! my girlfriend is the same way about my girl friends!! People tell me that she will grow out of it but who really knows if she will. But we started hanging out more together and she has met all the girls and she has gotten better about it! Just explain to him that his jealousy is getting out of control and he needs to chill out, or start hanging out together more and maybe he will chill out!

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    He's insecure, needs an ego boost. Or if he is already thinking about you cheating, maybe it's just because that's what's on his mind because he's cheating? Hmmm...

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