how to take care of christmas cactus?

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  • Gary D
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    1 decade ago
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    Christmas Cactus's are easy care plants. They can be kept outdoors most of the year, but don't allow them to be in full sun or allow them to freeze. They will die under both conditions. Keep them well-watered with a high phosphorous fertilizer during the summer with every watering. As you approach the wintertime they will usually flower on their own.

    In order to flower, the plant requires a "short day length" like we get in wintertime. Instead of 12-15 hours of daylight, like we get in summer, it needs 8-10 hours of daylight and total darkness for the other 14-16 hours of the day. If you have a plant that has buds on it, do not even expose the plant to light at night at direct lights, no flashes in the room like flash bulbs or Xmas tree lights. These will all cause the buds to fall off. Some folks place a paper bag over the plant to ensure darkness at night.

    These same rules also apply for the Poinsettia plant as well.

    Source(s): I studied these plants in college.
  • ne11
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    1 decade ago

    This plant does well indoors in a sunny place. Water infrequently and only when dry. Deadhead the buds when they dry up.

    I have had my plants for years. They bloom annually.

    Christmas Cactus Care Information

    Common name - Christmas Cactus

    Scientific name - Zygocactus

    Origin - A group of epiphytic cacti native to the South American jungles


    While the Christmas cactus can adapt to low light, more abundant blooms are produced on plants that have been exposed to high light intensity. Keep your plants in a sunny location indoors.

  • 4 years ago

    dont do something. in simple terms water. the christmas cactus is a robust plant and in 2 days with lots of water will start to come again lower back. while the plant is healthful lower back if their is something lifeless you are able to cut back it off. additionally dont forget approximately to maintain it in a gloomy cool place so it plant existence for christmas. you dant could desire to try this nonetheless till october

  • leslie
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    1 decade ago

    Gary D has the right info. I've been growing them for years, too.

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