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Determining a mutt's mix?

Is there a way to scientifically determine what breeds have mixed to create a particular mutt?

I'm NOT interested in actually doing this. I'm just wondering if it's possible.

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    There is no reliable method by which to scientifically determine the breed of a dog. It is impossible to determine whether a mixed breed dog is 50% of any particular breed.

    Jason Homan

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    Since all dog breeds are of the same species, I don't believe that there is a DNA map for anything more specific than species. However, certain genetic markers might attach to features of particular breeds, and taken in groups, they might point to likely parentage. That said, I suggest you talk with your vet - there might be commercial services that could do this for you.

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    You might want to check out the place you got the dog from they may able to tell you. Even if it was rescued from a shelter, they sometimes can tell based on certain noticed physical characteristics.

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