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Can any Printing Industry Help Me Out?

I own a printing industry in INDIA and i have applied for canada immigration but i need a help from a printing industry who cud give me a job there i know coreld draw, Adobe Photoshop, Pagemaker , and all the techinical knowledge of designing and printing i can also operate an offset machine and have a knowledge of screen printing also. please any body can help me..

for any clarification u can feel free to contact me my email is or

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  • 1 decade ago
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    To look for work in a different country is difficult. It would be easier if you had a friend in Canada who can help you. Absent that, check the websites which advertise jobs. I recommend one below.

    You will need to apply to the government of Canada to enter the country. You can do this in two ways: as a temporary worker (using a visa and work permit), or as a skilled worker (which will allow you to immigrate).

    Source(s): Government of Canada job bank Working Temporarily in Canada Immigrating to Canada as a Skilled Worker
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