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Paris and you?

I live in Paris and I would like to know what do you think about this city?? (sorry for my english:-()


Merci for all the answer. J'espere que vous serez bien recu lors de votre prochaine visite (I hope that you will be well welcome in Paris) there is normaly ant problems

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    I like the Eiffel Tower. It is very tall. What does it do anyways?


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    I lived in Paris for a year in the 90s. Unbelievable opportunity. What a great city, I think only New York can compare to it's energy and "vibe" (maybe tokyo, but I've never been). But so much more history in Paris than in the states.

    I used to love to spend warm days in the Tuileries or Luxembourg Gardens, reading a book or people watching. I am so jealous of the Metro - we have nothing like it where I live in the US. I lived on Rue de Boulangerie, so I had 2 bakeries on my street. Nothing better than a fresh baguette and butter or cheese. There was also a florist near my apartment with fresh cut flowers outside and I always had some in my apartment. The crepe stands were great for a snack - butter and sugar.

    The Champs Elysees is a great place. People there day and night. The brasseries around town where you can sit outside and have a meal or just coffee.

    My favorite spot was the top of the Eiffel tower at sunset, you watch all the monuments light up as the sun goes down. I took everyone up there to see that.

    The place in front of Notre Dame on a weekend was full of people doing goofy things for money (dressed as statues), people just hanging around admiring the cathedral, etc. Or the Centre Pompidou - it was couting down to the millenium when I was there. The catacombs were cool too and the underground mall - Les Halles? - and that whole area was a great place to people watch.

    The country side just outside of Paris was great too. I can't wait to get back there.

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    Honestly? While I found it to be loaded with culture, I was not a big fan of the city. I thought it was dirty - I watched person after person (all French) simply throw trash on the ground when they were done with it. I thought the traffic was horrendous - but many European cities are like that. I didn't find the people rude, they werent particularly warm, but they weren't rude compared to say, New Yorkers or Neopolitans. I also found it to be very user unfriendly. Between a nightmarish airport and icky trains, it just wasn't for me.

    On a positive note, much of it was quite beautiful and many of the people were quite friendly and fun. I was there in early October and the weather was amazing and the sites were not overly crowded. I loved the baked goods (how can you not love a good pain chocolate?) and the museums. I enjoyed the sites and as mentioned, the general culture.

    I'd go back to visit the museums and the dining room at Lenotre and a few other things, but it's not on the top of my list for an annual holiday. Sorry!

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    I love Paris, it is probably my favorite city in all of Europe. I am from the USA and I would love to live in Paris one day. When I visited I fell in love with the city, the lights, the people, the sights, the language, the feel. I adore fashion so living in one of the fashion capitals of the world would be a dream! Everything about Paris is magical. You are lucky to live in such a beautiful place! Le souhait I était là (sorry for my French, I am afraid I am no very good) By the way, your English is quite well. :-)

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    I adore Paris. I went there for the first time as a young man, a bit nervous, uncertain how I would like the city and unsure how Paris would like me. Would people understand my French which I learned in Montreal and is colored with the accents of Quebec? Would I understand them? Were the stories of rude Parisians true?

    As I took the train into Paris from the airport I realized that I couldn't grasp what people were saying. It would be days before I adjusted to the Parisian accent and their rapid speech patterns.

    I was mortified that the hotel clerk replied to my halting French in English but grateful that he was very helpful.

    Then, as I walked up the stairs to my room, I heard a chambermaid softly singing "la Vie en Rose" to herself as she went about her tasks. As Proust biting into the cookie was flooded with memories of his childhood so that song called all my visions of Paris and its romance to mind.

    I threw my luggage into the room then turned and raced out the door running the few blocks to Notre Dame. Yes, here it was! I had never been there before but it was as if I had always known this spot. I had prepared my trip carefully. I knew every sight I wanted to see. I devoured many of them that first day. If people thought me a foolish tourist or a madman I didn't care. I laughed, I wept, I embraced Paris and she embraced me. I fell in love.

    Over the more than three decades since that moment I have returned again and again. Paris is always there fore me, a lover who can never die and who can never be forgotten. I love her great monuments. I love her art and culture. I love the quiet cafes and the raucous jazz clubs. I love the palaces to gastronomy and the little restaurants with only a handful of tables.

    And yes, I love the Parisians, proud, sometimes haughty, often challenging and opinionated, but also informed, educated, and intelligent. I have also found that they can be kind, helpful, and friendly even though some think this is against their nature.

    I am and old man now and in my life "J'ai deux amours, mon pays et Paris"

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    Bonjour Fripouille! You should not be sorry for your English, you wrote quite well. Better than some English people ;-)

    I was only in Paris one time. It was on a stopover for business. I did not get to see much except the CDG airport. However, the people were very friendly, the airport was and hotel areas were very clean, and the food was good (although very rich).

    I would definitely go back if I get a chance, although it is not the first European place I need to visit. (I am Canadian and had two great uncles killed in WWII and so I would be visiting Normandy and Holland first, to pay my respects.)

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    I love it!! Adore it!! I wish I were there right now!! I'm from Texas. I live in Austin and I absolutely adore the life of a truly beautiful, interesting city. Paris is marvelous! I love everything about it and I found that Parisians were truly wonderful people to be around.

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    I love Paris and have visited it four years in a row. It is the most beautiful city in the world.

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    Paris c'est l'Amour de ma vie! I had to fight a long time to be able to live and get a job in the city. But people are relatively cold and distant, I have the impression they are always afraid of others!

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    I absolutely love Paris. I have traveled to Paris six times and am currently planning my seventh. It is the most beautiful city I have ever been to.

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    It's the best! I love Paris and I come there many times.It is the most beautiful city in the world. I don't have enough words to describe it!

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