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How do i increase the virtual memory ? why am i getting this problem as i have plenty of hard disk space left?

I have windows xp, 256 mb ram and 80 gb hard disk...55 gb is still left on my pc.but a window says my computer is running low on virtual memory...i don't think its a virus because i have got AVG-free edition and anti-spyware 7.5 full version plus tune up utilities 2006 and i scan often and update. My need for speed underground 2 (that worked just a few days ago) is not working...the game loads but then it just stays on this because of low virtual memory if so...please help.

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    Lots of down thumbs on good answers. why?

    Before I repeat what others have said, try uninstalling your game, and reinstalling it. If that doesn't work, repeat that, but install it to your D drive, if available.

    256 RAM is barely sufficient to run XP. You can use word processing, light tasks, but anything that needs extra RAM is going to hang the system. I'm guessing your video and sound cards are stock, original also?

    Just because the game worked a few days ago, doesn't mean it was happy. Maybe you are running an additional program in the background. Check that, close anything that is not needed. But the problem is you are forcing the PC to play the game off of the hard is possible your hard drive is showing signs of wear as well. Maybe I will get a down thumb also, but here is my recommendation:

    1) at the minimum, put another stick of 256 MB memory in. They cost less than $20.

    2) upgrade your video card.

    Those two things will increase your performance greatly, for minimum cost.

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    If you increase the virtual disk cache you will be running programs by constantly running the HDD. I would suggest getting an up grade since the XP requires more in the first place. So 256+256=512MB .. Half a GIG of RAM would work real well for the games you wish to play. These days it's all about the RAM, go figure hey? V-Cache is a small part of RAM storage on the Hard Drive. then it will swap out with a running program and take it's place. THis is what they call disk thrashing..

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  • i need read no more...256 ain't fast enough. You could haVE a million gigs of hard space it won't mean a damn.

    mininimum for fast rendering atleast 1024 mb RAM. sorry, that's just a good place to start. Also, I see PC in your midst...APPLE is the app for this tech...PC defenitely cuts it...Premier being very outstanding, as well a s any other vid. editor on the market. Two things; One, five years ago...only the ELEET had the priviledge to "edit video" every PC comes stock with Wmedia mov. and edit. That said, TWO; video IS THE HEAVIEST bits, bytes of info. a processor can handle...THE HEAVIEST. Do yourself a I learnbed the hard way...having crashed three external drives in three months time a few years back....oh...I'd say I lost about 300 gigs of hard info. Not to mention the cost and time. The third one didn't even phase me as I was numb from the first two!

    If your processor can not have a RAM upgrade...and you really want to improve this run/render time.....More RAM or a new computer.

    Apple or PC is fine...but get the one with 1.5 gigs RAM, and then 80 gigs of hard mem.

    Happy trails!

    Peace out.

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    Some guy was talking about thumbs, lol.. Well I gave him a thumbs up cause he actually told the guy what he asked for. Now on the other hand I would like to point out how important it is to get that upgrade. Increase the disk cache and take the chance of it running more then it needs to. This is why lots of people have dead hard drives. Yeah it would be dead before you know it. Just like ironhorst said DISK THRASHING. Thanks and God bless.

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    Click on Start then right click on My Computer. From the drop-down box click 'Properties'. Select the 'Advanced' Tab and click on 'Settings' in the 'Performance' box. Click on the Advanced tab in the new 'Performance Options' dialog box and click 'Change' to change your Virtual Memory size. To speed it up even faster try to install a separate physical hard drive and put your Virtual memory space on that drive, that way if virtual memory needs to be accessed the computer won't slow down trying to access two separate files on the same drive at the same time. Good luck.

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    Virtual memory is memory the windows operating system reserves from your system to swap pages of program code. The more programs you keep open the more virtual memory you will need. You can increase the size of virtual memory by going to the performance section and increasing the size. Start by right clicking on "My Computer".

    Best wishes!

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    256MB RAM is the MINIMUM required for Windows XP to run. Therefore, you can expect minimal performance. You're running out of virtual memory because Windows hasn't allocated more yet. It will automatically adjust, if it can. Make sure you keep your c: drive defragmented (Start-Programs-Accessories-System Tools, Disk Defragmenter) because Windows can only use contiguous free sectors for virtual memory.

    Do consider adding more RAM when your finances allow for it. I would run no less than 1GB for average use, especially if you're expecting to play games.

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    You can increase the RAM capacity if your computer mother board has the provision. I can give you a link that deals with hard drive problems. Some RAM/hard drive problems can be easily fixed yourself by using easily available tools. I found the info at useful. Try this site, if you can get what is required.

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    maybe you need yo go to tools and then internet options and hit delete files and then delete history and then reset your internet files space to a lower amount it should not be able to hold files more than five days at a time or you fill up your virtual memory ok.bogus dud sniper neck lover are all going to take you over your head. your not ready for that. if you feel ADVANCED try disk fragmenter first.

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    right click my computer to get the properties

    click on the advanced tab

    click the settings under the performance

    click the advance tab

    click change under the virtual memory

    click on the custom size and increase it to 1024 to 2048

    and click the set tab and press ok. the system will reboot.

    and you wont have the problem again.

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