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How do you plan a trip to Alcatraz?

How do you go there? What's advised? What to expect...?

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    Pier 33, where the ferries depart from, does not have any parking so you will have to park little away and walk to the pier. See link below. There are quite a few other parking lots off Embarcadero as well, just a couple of blocks away from Pier 33.

    Buy your tickets online so you don't have to get disappointed. In the night tour, the ferry goes around the entire island before reaching the island. The day tours don't have this. For $7 more you get to see the entire island from all sides before reaching there. I personally would recommend this. SF is always windy and chilly so take hooded jacket with you. On the ferry boat, for the best view, sit on the top floor on right hand side. The tour guide tells you very interesting history and other stories related to the island and jail. Wear walking shoes and it'd be better if you don't take heavy bag/purse with you since you will be walking and climbing little hill before actually arriving to the jail. The audio tour is fantastic. Don't forget to see the photos of the famous prisoners and what they might look like today. They're on a desk inside the prison. Don't forget to take your camera. Have fun!

    Source(s): Buy tickets online: Park car at 80 San Francisco St. Garage:
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    If you want to go to Alcatraz, make reservations as far in advance as possible. The boats fill up days in advance. My favorite parts of the tour were sitting in a prison cell, and looking back at SF and realizing what torture it must have been for prisoners to be so close to the city, but not be able to go there.

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    Either get there at 8 a.m. or book it in advance if you can. By around 10 a.m. they're booked for the day. I've been here for so many years and never been able to get on a tour, they're always booked full on the days I could go. Start early!

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    You catch a ferry there and go on a guided tour. Make sure that you have the chance to get locked in one of the cells so that you can experience what it was like to locked up in complete darkness.

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    Go to Pier 39 on the Fisherman's tourist trap....any cab driver can take you there.....that is where the Alcatracz tour company is......there are like 8000 signs, so you cant miss it....Its a great tour...enjoy!

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    get arrested!!! yes they have a ferry that goes across San Francisco bay with guided tours.(teasing about getting arrested)

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