what is the usefulness of economic value added in corporate financial reporting?

a critique about the usefulness of E.V.A. in financial reporting

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    The link to Stern Stewart is a useful one. I'd explain the reason why someone might care about measuring the difference between a company's return on invested capital and its cost of capital (the basic definition of EVA(R)) is that companies can easily "buy" growth but that's much different than creating shareholder wealth. Management can throw money at projects or make acquisitions and generate an accounting profit. But, if the return on the capital it must spend to do so is less than the firm's cost of capital, management has actually destroyed economic (i.e. shareholder) value. When the incremental returns on new projects is low, growth is actually bad, management should instead divest underperforming assets or restructure.

    By measuring EVA, one can get a sense of the average returns a company generates on its entire portfolio of projects. Looking at the trend in EVA can give you a sense of whether incremental new opportunities have been generating better or worse than average returns. Over time, competition tends to drive down the returns a company can generate.

    EVA can be used within the company to evaluate projects and assist with compensation decisions and used by external investors to evaluate whether management is making value creating decisions, or merely building an empire.

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